What are some amazing colleges in microbiology?

<p>I was looking at schools such as Stanford, Caltech, WashU st. louis, Berkeley, and Chicago...but I decided that it would be better to find some less known schools which have extremely good programs in the field I'm interested in--not to say that those previously listed don't have them. I'm very passionate about microbiology, developmental biology, and biochemistry. Suggestions of schools would be very much appreciated!!! :)</p>

<p>How about Wisconsin?</p>

<p>Pittsburgh, SUNY Stony Brook, Illinois, Washington and Florida</p>

<p>There is some application and admissions overlap between WashU and Rhodes College in Memphis. At Rhodes we've got biochem and molecular biology.</p>

<p>I second Wisconsin-Madison. They are the golden standard for microbiology if you ask me. </p>

<p>Harvard and Stanford are amazing in all things Biology. Johns Hopkins is an obvious choice too...as is WUSTL.</p>

<p>NC State has a great program with really cool professors. I know many of the people in that department and I'm not even a micro major. There are also good opportunities for undergraduate research because it is one of the smaller departments in the college.</p>