What are some colleges I should apply to for accounting

I have a 3.1 GPA, a 1320 SAT. I have done cross country and track for 4 years, I have started a buisness and I am in several clubs. I’m looking for a big public college. I currently have an interest in Michigan state, Arizona, Ole Miss, and Oregon. I would like to explane my list and was wondering what other colleges I should apply to.


Accounting majors can be found at any “big public college”. Get a start on your future career by creating a spreadsheet where you compare the costs as well as other factors of schools that interest you. Figure out what your family can afford and eliminate any schools that are financially out of reach.

The schools you listed are literally all over the map. What is your state of residence for tuition purposes? That’s where you should start. Then, depending on where you live, look at schools in states that might have tuition exchanges for your state.

Do you have any financial constraints? There’s a million universities out there with accounting - but with your GPA you’re unlikely to get merit aid and out-of-state public universities will cost a lot of money


there are no financial restraints for me but I would like to go to the best possible program

What does “best” mean to you? Best teachers? Best campus? Highest Salaries?

Highly ranked programs with the most job placement

Here is an article about some of the top managerial accounting programs, if that is the path you are hoping to pursue: http://study.com/articles/Top_Schools_for_Managerial_Accounting.html

One measure of rigor is AACSB accreditation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_AACSB-accredited_schools_(accounting)

Yes I agree with the above - you definitely want an AACSB accredited program.

I’m a CPA and my S recently became a CPA. If you are looking for that big college experience then I’d guess that any state school with an undergraduate b-school program that falls in your academic range would work. Keep in mind…

—Some of the large schools do not have direct admit to the b-school. When that is the case you would have to apply for the b-school after a year or sometimes two of undergraduate work. At some schools admission to the b-school is competitive. So if you are certain you want accounting I would have a strong preference for school with a direct-admit b-school program. You should be able to get this information online.

—To become a CPA one now needs 150 credits. A typical bachelors degree is 120 credits so many go on for a one year Masters degree. You should check that there is a Master’s degree program at the schools you are looking at (I would think there will be). It is less common but you could also have an option to go to a different school for your Masters degree if you feel you can get into a grad school with superior recruiting or you just want a change of scenery (ex. my S went to Fordham undergrad and then went to Notre Dame for his Masters degree).

–I would recommend the financial accounting path rather than the managerial accounting path. You should aim to become a CPA as it will give you more options throughout your career.

–UBuffalo, AZ State, UMass-Amherst, UAlabama are a few other options offhand but IMO you just have to slog through one of the many lists of undergraduate b-schools and look for schools that appeal to you and match your academic stats.

–Agree that you definitely want an accredited school.

Do you know where you’d like to live/work when you graduate? If so, then after accreditation, consider campuses near where you’d want to find internships and have easy access to senior year interviews. Doesn’t have to be in the same city: University of Georgia is in Athens but it would be a fine choice if you see yourself living in Atlanta or Charlotte.

Accountants are needed anywhere there is money so you’re lucky that your choice of places to live is pretty wide open.

@Otterma That is true to an extent. If a person can get an interview with a large national/international accounting firm then they typically do a first interview on campus and if they like the candidate they will then recommend the applicant to the office in the city or area that he/she requests. The firm will pay the cost of flying the applicant to the that office interview. Ex. my S interviewed for NY jobs from Notre Dame and it was not an issue (other than time spent traveling but he was able to arrange a majority of his office interviews over his fall break). However your comment would hold true for those who interview at a smaller, local firm.

It is also worth noting that a CPA license can get reciprocity from state to state so even if a person starts off in one part of the country there is geographic mobility.