What are some good colleges for an undecided person?

<p>I know most colleges in the US allow you to change majors and try new things quite easily, but there are those that are hard to try a variety of courses in and also those that actually encourage trying a bit of everything. </p>

<p>What colleges do you think make it easy for someone like me, who is completely unsure about my plans, to try different things maybe the first year, and change majors easily if I don't like mine? In my case, I want to go into biology, preferably environmental sciences, but I think I might really enjoy International Studies, and I'm also interested in more humanities related fields like archaeology or anthropology. So, you can see I'd really like somewhere that I can try a lot of unrelated fields.</p>

<p>So if you can suggest colleges you think would be good, thanks</p>

<p>Stanford. And I'm not just being loyal to my university here it seriously has a very open approach and highly encourages people to explore in college. You get accepted to the university directly and you don;t need to declare your major until the beginning of junior year! You can take any class you want in any department (undergrad)!</p>

<p>There are a lot of schools with academic freedom, but with the specific interests you mentioned in mind Brown sounds ideal.</p>

<p>Virtually every single liberal arts college is built around this premise. Here's a long list...</p>

<p>The</a> Annapolis Group</p>

<p>Hiram is a fun college for exploring majors and a relative safety for kids with high stats.</p>