What are some good free SAT prep resources?

I am an incoming Sophomore and I am studying for the SAT which I’m taking on August 28. This is my first time taking the SAT and I have no idea what to study for. I know about Khan Academy but I was looking for some other resources and I am not able to find any good free SAT prep sites.

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Professional tutor with over almost 5,000 hours of 1 on 1 experience. Unless you are an incredibly advanced student or taking the test for a summer program like Duke’s and so on, you should NOT be taking the SAT until after your Sophomore year. You will be able to score higher and do better on the test with another year of school under your belt. I have had 3 out of over 750 students who I have worked with be at the point where they could prepare for the test that early, and I have had students I worked with go to every top 20.

Now on to free resources, the SAT has 8 free practice tests that can be on their site.

Please do not use any companies tests as you will have to pay for them and they are highly inaccurate to Collegeboard’s questions.

Outside of that and Khan academy, there are not any great free resources to study for the test. We have a Writing & Language course that covers all of the rules, strategies, etc that you can access it by finding it on our site preppros. io for free with the code prepprosfree. I hope this is fine by community standards to share!

The most important thing as you prepare for the SAT is an intense focus on identifying your mistakes, filling in content gaps, and working to never make the same mistake again. We do also have some free diagnostic sheets that you can use in conjunction with the Official SATs so you can identify what concepts you are missing as many students struggle to study on their own because they cannot figure out what concepts are being tested, particularly on the Writing & Langauge section.

The SAT is incredibly repetitive and easy to improve on, but it takes consistent effort and being fundamentally sound with the math content and reading comprehension skills to score very highly. This is why most likely you will want to wait a year as both will improve.

Best of luck in your studies!

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I am also looking for some other good free SAT prep sites, and this is what I have found to share with you, called PerfectScore. We can practice as many times as we want to, and clearly find our weakness then conquer. I prepare SAT efficiently with this app, hope it will be helpful for you, too. :blush: