What are some good matches and reaches for 3.28 GPA

<p>Basically I'm looking for matches and some reaches
Top 40%
Big Texas public high school
Uw GPA of 3.28
ACT 25 ( only taken it once but I'm aiming for around 28 on the one in September)
8 AP classes by graduation
Possible Majors: Finance/ Economics/ MIS/ SCM
I have around 110k in my college account at the moment
Family Income: ~$80,000
Some things I'm looking for
*More then 10,000 undergrads
*Good reputation
Thanks for the help!</p>

At least 6,000 undergrads</p>

<p>Look for your in-state public schools because that ACT score and that GPA is not competitive for some of the OOS schools.</p>

<p>@"aunt bea"‌ I’ve already looked a in state schools and have a few schools I’m looking at there. Now I’m trying to hear of schools I am not aware of</p>


<p>have you tried the SuperMatch? were there any schools in that list that interested you?</p>

<p>@jkeil911‌ Quinnapac, UNH, FAU and UIC were a few that intrigued me. Mainly my main requirement is to have a gold time in college and be ble to get a solid job after graduation

<p>You don’t need to go to college to have a good time, so save yourself $60-240K. If you have only a good time in college there won’t be any solid jobs. And a solid job after graduation will not last long if all you’re looking for out of life is to have a good time. Just sayin’.</p>

<p>@jkeil911‌ Im not saying I want to party al day I just want to go to a school that is a fun place i.e intramural sports, school spirit, lots of clubs.</p>

<p>ah, that’s different. lemme see.</p>

<p>FAU is Florida Atlantic and UIC is UIllinois Chicago?</p>

<p>@jkeil911‌ Yes, I also found Syracuse very intriguing. It looked awesome except for the price tag lol</p>

<p>I’m not so good on the party atmosphere thing because I’ve only attended and partied at a half dozen schools. </p>

<p>Some matches at 25 would be Texas Tech, Arizona, Cincinnati, DePaul, ASU.</p>

<p>Some reaches at 25 would be Delaware, Dayton, Ohio State, Drexel, Denver, Marquette, Lehigh.</p>

<p>Some of these have been good time schools over the years.</p>

<p>I’m fairly certain you can find economics, finance, and MIS at these schools. Having to have all three was a stumbling block to wider lists. Does Syracuse have all three? I’m not familiar with FAU and UIC.</p>

<p>@jkeil911‌ They dont need to have all 3, just one at least</p>

<p>Fun places, school spirit, clubs and decent business schools…that will admit you…</p>

Kansas St
Iowa State…has all of your possible majors Finance/ Economics/ MIS/ SCM. About 300 fellow Texans attend. Has one of the larger intramural programs in the country (double the size of U Iowa as an example).
Iowa…Iowa is stronger than Iowa State in Finance but Iowa State is stronger in the rest.</p>

<p>@Haystack‌ I will look more into Mizzou and Iowa thanks </p>

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<p>Bumpity </p>

<p>well, finance and econ are widely available, although not necessarily in the same schools within a uni. </p>

<p>in this case, you don’t need expertise just yet. you can do a SuperMatch and narrow your search some so we’re not having to negotiate the hundreds of business schools that have these majors. Then get back to us.</p>