What are some good Universities that accept transfer students, specifically from CC?

<p>So, I made my mind up and I plan to enroll in Community College of Philadelphia and get an associates in engineering science. I was planning to transfer to Drexel under the blue-gold connection thing (seamless transfer and possibility of getting decent financial aid) however I would like to know what other Us I could possibly transfer to. Mainly schools with good or highly regarded ChemE and/or MechE programs.</p>



<p>I'm sure you'd have no problem getting into Temple.</p>

<p>Temple doesn't offer chemical engineering though. I might be able to get into temple without having to go through community college, but I really want to go to a university with more prestige. I'm willing to bust my ass and have no life if necessary to get a really good GPA in ccp if it is needed to enter a good undergraduate engineering program.</p>