What are some important things I should know that would help me get into law school?

Right now my GPA is a 3.57. But trust me I plan to get it a lot higher, once I get into community college. My goal is to have it as high as I possibly can. I would be so proud of myself if one day if I can say I have a GPA around 3.80. But my dream is to get into Philadelphia School of Law. That is my first option it’s either that or Georgetown University. My ultimate dream is Duke, because it’s in North Carolina but I feel what is most practical for me is Philadelphia. Because it’s closer, not the most expensive.(don’t get me wrong it’s expensive, but I plan to save up money for years) and an even higher ranking than Duke University anyway. So I don’t know I just wanna do the best I can, and I would love if I could get some advice.

Could you clarify what you mean when you say “once I get into community college”. Are you transferring from a 4-year to two year? Also what do you mean by Philadelphia Law School? There is no such thing. Are you talking about University of Pennsylvania Law School?

Is 3.57 a highschool GPA? If so, it doesn’t count. Only college credits count. Getting the GPA to a 3.8 would definitely help, but you’ll also need to take the LSAT and score in the 170s. Work on the GPA first, however.

Another important question to ask is whether you have any first-hand experience with what it’s like being a lawyer. If not, you definitely need to intern or work at a law office and get some experience.

What I’d recommend is that you should know that your GPA/LSAT are the most important things that a law school will consider, but you need to find your passion in life, develop a life story around working towards that passion, and know why law school will help you succeed with that passion. That’s what I did, and I went to Harvard.