What are some majors that are in high demand and will get me a well paying job?

<p>I am a senior in high school and I am currently trying to chose a major. I originally was going to double major political science and broadcast journalism. I am having doubts though because I've heard many stories about people majoring in political science who are unable to find jobs. Broadcast journalism is very competitive so there's no guarantee there either. Majors I'm also considering are international relations and economics. I don’t know though. Like I said I just want to be able to get a well paying job once I graduate. Any suggestions?</p>

<p>Computer Science. </p>


<p>Biology/Pre med</p>

<p>You should think about a well-paid job THAT YOU WILL LIKE !!!</p>

<p>Anything engineering (aerospace, electrical, mechanical),</p>

<p>med school (bio science undergrad)</p>

<p>other than that, accountants and pharmaceuticals is a good biz.</p>

<p>anything else is...........</p>

<p>English, philosophy, art history...</p>

<p>__________ Engineering</p>

<p>Engineering, computer science, accounting... finance if you go to a target school for an investment bank.</p>

<p>Of course, if you don't really enjoy it then 1) you probably won't get good enough grades for a job at a good company and 2) even if you do, you won't enjoy your work and subsequently your life</p>

<p>Regarding political science, don't be so sure. I saw a job posting on my uni's career site for an internship with Booz Allen Hamilton, a major defense contractor, that seemed to be looking for sociology and public policy majors.</p>

<p>Like mentioned already, stick to something you have interest in. Especially engineering, you need to have a spark of interest to really excel in it. Demands for jobs influx, they go up and down. Per example, with being in a recession, its not the best time to open up a business (business degree) but as we recover, it will become more opportune to do so. Same go with the demand for attorneys, medical (doctors, nurses, dentists, etc) There is around 20 million children in the US under the age 13, who are getting older by the day. There will be a big demands to meet their medical needs. <example of influx. Public education are requiring more and more shots (to the point of requiring a full psychical before the first day of school)</p>

<p>Columbia09: Did you mean to just say "go to medical school"? An actual degree in biology itself isn't really worth it now-a-days. You'd be better off going to grad school with just a degree in biology if the OP had no plans to attend medical school. And even if the OP DID want to go to medical school, he certainly would not have to major in a science. He could major in History and still get into medical school. </p>

<p>To answer OP's question: I've heard petroleum engineering is a good one, money-wise. But, you might be miserable if you hate math and science.</p>

<p>All of the above.</p>

<li>Actuarial Science</li>

<p>XelbMs: Well although biology really doesn't have any value at the UG level, it still is a tough major and is actually looked as a + by most employers. But yes med school or anything medical related is the best thing to do if you major in bio and although you don't have to major in it, its still a big help for med school. I'm a bio major and my carrier goals will be as follows, M.D, D.O, Physicians Assistant, Physical therapist, Nurse P, etc. If you can't do one thing because of grades or MCAT scores, try doing the following carrier. Again you have to like medicine though</p>