What are some negatives for Missourri?

<p>I'm going into nuclear engineering and I have a list of about 12 colleges right now. I want to reduce the list to 8 or 9. So I want to find out some negatives on each college to help narrow it down. I can find positives for Missourri all day long. Its the negatives I can't find easily. So what are some negatives?</p>

<p>I'd also appreciate any advice if you care to give any.</p>

<p>O and I am OOS... just for the record.</p>

4 guys for every girl (for me, being a guy that was a negative).
Many geeks and nerds (due to engineering focus), but many are not geeks and nerds as well
small town with not much to do (Rolla is about 10,000 people), nice, but small
Extreme focus on engineering and science (this is both a positive and a negative)
Can be boring unless you work to engage in stuff. There is stuff to do and engage in, but you need to take the steps to do it.
Too many faculty where English is a 2nd language(common in all engineering schools).</p>

<p>That all being said....Missouri-Rolla has top-notch faculty, personal attention, strong recruitment from industry and reasonable cost.</p>

<p>My degree from there made a world of difference in my life.</p>

<p>yeah the girl thing is a problem but that seems to be expected in engineering. I'll get over it. Thanks for the info.</p>