What are some pros and cons about VCU?

I am currently researching colleges and for each college I am listing things that students attending the school like or don’t like about them. Does anyone have any specific pros and or cons that they’ve discovered about VCU? I am also curious about the political climate there. Is it more liberal, conservative or somewhere in the middle?

VCU is seemingly very liberal, with only 2% of the total student body being Libertarians and Republicans. Nearly 2/5 of the people there identify as democratic/left-leaning. It is urban, after all.*

*All info according to Niche

BTW, what is your major there? VCU is great for premeds.

Thanks for the help. I am thinking of majoring in Industrial Design, which I am pretty sure they do not have, but I still wanted to learn more about VCU just in case they has anything else I liked. I did hear about it being a great med school.

Reach out to VCUarts. They may have an Industrial Design equivalent. VCUarts is the #1 public art school in the country! Worth checking out their program.


@“1lalalalala!lalalalalala!” My DD20 is planning to go for premed track. Does VCU have good supports like advising and researching opportunities? What is their med school acceptance rate?

I don’t have this info (sorry), but afaik VCU is one of the good, known med schools in VA (behind EVMS and UVA though). Have u also considered VCOM if you’re DD is fine with the osteopathic route? DOs are good for primary care.

Is u r DD in the VCU guaranteed admission program? Are u in-state? If it is yes for both, you can’t pass VCU up.