What are some solid match/safety TX colleges with good financial aid?

Info abt me from another post:
-First gen
-35 ACT
-4.49 W GPA or 3.97 UW GPA
-pretty competitive TX high school
-still unsure about what to major in (business, science?)

I am already applying to UT Austin (not auto, but close at 6.2%) and Texas A&M (which I am auto). These are not the most affordable TX colleges, and I really only want to go to UT Austin for the city anyways, so I need a backup. I should probably add UTD to this list, even though it isn’t the best I’ve heard for social life.

What I am looking for:
-in TX
-preferably medium - large campus

Rice gives out fabulous scholarships if you can get in! I like the vibe at UNT, as well.

Have you looked into the University of Houston? They may have good merit scholarships for your credentials, and also an honors college. Their honors graduates have some impressive outcomes, and Houston is a great city.


Are you a NMSF? If so, you’re eligible for almost full-tuition at Texas A & M and ~full-ride at UT Dallas. A&M and Dallas have competitive full-ride scholarships as well.

Trinity University in San Antonio is generous with merit scholarships, and offers competitive full-tuition scholarships if you apply EA. The application is free.

Tulane in New Orleans is more of a low-reach, high-match, as long as you apply EA and interview, if possible. Tulane offers multiple full-tuition merit scholarships and the application is free.

Hope that helps!

As a Texas resident with a top 6.3% class rank, every Texas public university except UT Austin is an admission safety for campus admission, but not necessarily for competitive majors.

The hard part is determining affordability. Unfortunately, the College For All Texans net price calculator for Texas public universities tends to say, for a Texas resident from a low income family, a range of $0 to almost list price as the net price – not a very helpful estimate.


I’ll second UNT. Denton is a nice college town and UNT works pretty hard to keep low income kids in school. One of my son’s friends was withdrawingand moving out of dorm to take a semester off due to lack of funds and someone from the school reached out to this student and made sure they were able to stay. With your GPA and scores you’ll be eligible for scholarships covering most or all of tuition and maybe additional. There’s an honors college as well.

UT San Antonio or Texas State in San Marcos…you’re close enough to go to Austin on the weekends and visit.

@murray93 Not a match or safety but Rice is my first choice!

@PikachuRocks15 not NMSF because I suck at the SAT but I’ve been looking at Tulane. Thank you!

@ucbalumnus Agreed. Possibly the worst net price calculator I have used so far.