What are some summer programs that would be good for me?

<p>I've received a brochure in the mail for EXPLO at Yale, and it looks fun, but the tuition is just too high for a program that's not offering college credit. (Really, you'd be spending over $5,000 for a "fun summer.") I know the program can be beneficial in many ways, and has been to a great number of others. </p>

<p>Even though I know I won't be participating in it, I went ahead and asked for more information on their courses, and the ones under "Writing + Language" and "Humanities + Social Science," in particular, sparked my interest.</p>

<p>So now I'm looking for summer programs that would "fit" my needs and interests. I'm a sophomore in high school on the East Coast, so the program has to be around here. If it's not free, then it either has to offer college credit or be a REALLY, REALLY good program, haha. I'd prefer to have it focused on writing or a subject in humanities, but I'm pretty open to anything (law, business, sciences, mathematics, subjects that involve using computer programs), as long as I don't have to perform.</p>

<p>I'd like to hear all suggestions from anyone who has heard of or participated in such programs. Thanks for reading, and many thanks if you can suggest something for me!</p>

<p>College credit for a summer program is a bit of a misnomer... even if it offers it, oftentimes what you do over the summer doesn't "fit" with the requirements/curriculum at many universities and they'll not give you credit for what did. So don't something over the summer just for college credit!</p>

<p>Two good summer programs on the East coast for mathematics are HCSSiM and PROMYS.</p>

<p>HCSSiM</a> - Home</p>

<p>[url=<a href="http://www.promys.org/%5DPROMYS%5B/url"&gt;http://www.promys.org/]PROMYS[/url&lt;/a&gt;]&lt;/p>

<p>I went to HCSSiM this last summer and had a blast.</p>

<p>Let's focus on writing for now - it's usually easier to search for one subject rather than five!</p>

<p>Here's a list of programs: Teen</a> Ink | Links to summer programs & camps for high school students - I'd advise checking CC for reviews of some of them, as not all the listings may be, let's just say, great programs.</p>

<p>Here's a more comprehensive list, which I will copy to CC shortly: College</a> Lists / Summer Programs - Writing.</p>