What are some things Georgetown University would like to see in my application?

Hi, so I am a rising Sophomore in High School. I tanked hard my Freshman year and came out with a 3.8 GPA, not amazing for me. Next year I will be taking 3 AP courses and along with my extracurricular activities ( Track, XC, Band, Marching band, Theater, Student Gov, GSA, and Model UN as well as Youth in Government and Model UN at the YMCA) what would this look like for an Admissions person at Georgetown University specifically. Everything from what they would like and wouldn’t like. I have only taken a PSAT and no ACT yet so I can’t really state scores for those. I also should mention that I am extremely active in my community, am Transgender, and interested in majoring in Political Science and possibly Law for Grad school after going to Georgetown.

Too many extracurricular activities. You’ll need to streamline junior year. What matters is impact (winning team, changing things for the better for your school or neighborhood…)
3.8 unweighted or weighted?
Throughout high school, take AP English language, AP euro, ap world, APUSH, AP gov, AP Econ, AP foreign language (+APES or another AP science, AP stats or calc - but those aren’t as important as the previous).
You’ll need three SAT subject scores at 700+ - English literature, foreign language, history (+ others if you want to take math 2 and/or a science but this would not be expected).

It’s the student’s and family’s responsibility, first, to dig in, see what the college says it looks for, then other sources, from the college.

Have you started this? You’d find recommended hs courses, testing, and about their values, the sort of kids they like.

Are those really your ECs or some are projected? Unless they’re different seasons, manageable overlap, I agree it sounds like a lot. Not that it’s too many, but it limits your impact if you’re racing among them.

Count on Gtown wanting kids who grow in more ways than just typical, in the box. Especially for poli sci.

But first, read what the colleges themselves say and show.