What are some VaTech majors that are easier to get into?

Hi! My son wants to try to get into VaTech College of Business (for the Cybersecurity Mgmt degree). His HS GPA is 3.7, I suspect it’s too low for the admission…Are there any other, less popular departments he can apply to, and then (hopefully) transfer to the one that he actually wants? Thank you!

Many schools have mechanisms to prevent backdooring into majors that have difficult admissions. You’ll need to dig into VT’s change of major rules. @sevmom might be able to shed some light too.

This may also help: https://student.advising.vt.edu/content/dam/advising_vt_edu/documents/ChangeofMajor.pdf

I agree, I wouldn’t count on being able to change major. One thing he might want to look at is the Computational Modeling and Data Analytics major in the college of science. There was a cybersecurity option, although I don’t see that listed anymore, so should ask if they still support that interest. I don’t know the stats to get in but it is a smaller and lesser-known major so may be less competitive than the business school. I think they’ve been enrolling about 100 students per year. It is essentially the “data science” major and is a blend of math/stats/computer science. You could pair it with a business minor.

The average GPA of admitted students these days is in the 3.95 to 4.14 range depending on major and admission seems to be getting harder all the time. Engineering is particularly tough. If your son wants a business major, then probably best to apply directly to Pamplin and consider ED if finances allow. Or consider other options like the one in the college of science that @JESmom mentioned. My son was in engineering, not Pamplin so I don’t know much about Pamplin. Know a few kids that were in Pamplin ( including one of son’s roommates) and all seem to be doing fine . My kid graduated a while ago so I don’t have current experience. But, VT was great and a great place to visit. Good luck.

GPA isn’t the only driving factor for admissions, especially since it’s not clear if that GPA is weighted. As others have stated though - transfers into Pamplin and Engineering are increasingly difficult (in particular engineering, where VT figured out a couple years ago that students were applying to generic programs in droves as a way to back door into engineering after 1st semester). Applying ED may help and if there are other hooks (1st gen, underrepresented, leadership experience, etc.) that’s a good thing too.

Whatever you do though, don’t let him us VaTech in writing on his application or essays. :grinning:

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I can’t answer about the majors, but wanted to suggest looking into guaranteed transfer through NVCC if you are in the NOVA area. We know a couple of kids who went that route and graduated with the major they wanted. Good luck!

My D21 is in Pamplin. She is Real Estate/Finance. Her understanding after speaking to her advisor this summer, is that switching/adding majors for students already admitted to Pamplin is relatively easy, but transferring from a different program into Pamplin is not guaranteed, and may be compounded by not being able to get any of the intro business classes as an outsider. Has he considered business undecided? I believe he’d be considered within Pamplin with that major. I’m not sure how competitive Cybersecurity is or if there would be any additional transfer requirements. I’m sure a reach out to Pamplin advising would give you additional info.

Just a thought…there is such a demand for cybersecurity professionals that he could likely get a degree at Va Tech or just about anywhere else and have multiple positions to choose from after graduation.

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Business Undecided is an admission into Pamplin. With the exception of Accounting/Finance majors the 1st year courses are pretty much consistent across the board.

For the record - Va Tech doesn’t issue degrees. VT, Virginia Tech, VPI, or Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University on the other hand do. ESPN’s abbreviation is creeping into the mainstream and needs to be stopped at all costs! :grinning:


As a VT newbie, I have observed that “VaTech” is very triggering to alumni :laughing: Thankfully, I have never made that mistake!

My cousin’s son is majoring in cybersecurity at LeMoyne College in Syracuse, NY. They’ve been very happy with that program. Not sure what the credentials are for admission there.

I hope that poster realized I was kidding. Apparently it’s somewhat acceptable now for it to be written as VA Tech, but under no circumstances should any civilized person pronounce it “Vah-Tech”.

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Definitely. And, anyone interested in cybersecurity, especially if you live in VA, should also look at George Mason.