What are some well paid career paths in the Humanities field?

I’m a sophomore in college and I’m a Communications major. I’m going to be moving to Atlanta in the summer and attending Georgia State University. I chose to be a Communications major because I love to read, I’m a good writer, researcher, and I love communicating with different types of people. I also love to keep up with current events. I’ve thought about going into public relations as a career. I was wondering what are some good paying career paths in the communications feel? Or are there other good paying majors in the humanities field? I don’t want to be one of those graduates who are in career paths that don’t pay well. I’ve also heard that Communication isn’t a good major, is that true?

It kind of depends on your definition of well-paying, and also what you mean by “in the ___ field.” Humanities majors aren’t restricted to doing things that are within that field; they often go into business, technology, healthcare, and tons of other kinds of fields as well.

Communications-related jobs including advertising and marketing; technical writing; public relations, as you mentioned; sales/account management/client development, journalism, social media management, foreign relations/public affairs/international affairs, production, program management, and strategy consulting. That’s a non-exhaustive list - there are lots of options.

I don’t know where you heard that communications wasn’t a good major. Where did you hear this? Why did the source say that it wasn’t a good major, and did they give any data to back up their claims?

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