What are the Best and Worst Things About Temple?

<p>Current students: Please tell prospective students what you like best (or least) about Temple!</p>

<p>I'm guessing people will say one of the worst is the difficulty of getting on-campus housing after the first year. (FYI - I believe honor program students are given some preference in on-campus housing, at least for the sophomore year).</p>

<p>Best things: only a $2 subway ride into the city to shop eat or just walk around on a nice day, Philly pretzel company, genos/pats cheesesteaks, football games at the Linc ( what other school plays on an NFL field thatshe Eagles play on?), basketball games at liacouras, baseball season! PHILLIES! great programs an opportunities offered at the school, variety of extra ciriculars for everyone's taste.
Worst: parking and ppa. People asking for change/subway tokens at every corner. Litter is pretty bad off campus. Students all go home over summer/winter making it a ghost town almost.</p>

<p>The worst part is definitely dealing with the paperwork and bureaucracy. If they made a mistake, it would be months before they corrected it.</p>

<p>@WilliamScore, they are slow at paper work indeed, it takes 3 weeks for them to find my ACT report.</p>

<p>I love Temple because it's in Philadelphia. Also, there are many clubs and various ways to get involved. I live a 15 minute train ride from Philly, and I absolutely love taking trips to center city and the Chinatown area. I don't spend much time on the Temple campus, but my mom is really concerned about the safety. And, I really like the school spirit. Most students really seem into the basketball team! I'm still in the process of deciding if Temple is the school for me..</p>