What are the best classes at Penn?

<p>What are the best classes at Penn that most everyone should take?</p>

<p>I will take a break from my usual trolling and pose this question to the veterans.</p>

<p>in what school?</p>

<p>What are the best classes to fulfill some requirements? Like General Education
Distribution at Wharton?
Which classes fulfill the Social Structures?
Which classes fulfill the Lang, Arts & Culture?
Which classes fulfill the Science & Technology?</p>

<p>why does it have to be in a school or have to fill a certain requirement? man, can't i just ask what class people think is best for everyone to take without getting in to these technical and unimportant specifics</p>

<p>negotiations (mgmt or opim 291, lgst 206)</p>

<p>intro to political comm (comm 226)</p>

<p>I heard mixed reviews about political communications, actually. I might show up on day 1 to see how it is.</p>

<p>But yeah, negotiation is a good class. I need to remember to take that before my time is done.</p>

<p>There's another one that a lot of people like - The Sports Industry (its in lgst, I forget the number).</p>

<p>I really recommend Hist 331: American Diplomatic History with Walter McDougall. If you like literature, I recommend taking the Divine Comedy with Kevin Brownlee.</p>

<p>i heard from a friend at penn that there's this amazing (and easy) class on sleeping that's supposed to be very interesting and taught by a really well known professor.</p>

<p>^ isn't that at stanford? sleeping dreams or something? it's supposed to be the **** but i could've sworn it was at stanford. or maybe they have one at penn too :)</p>

<p>Yep, I heard about the sleep class at Penn too! chronobiology and sleep, is it?</p>