What are the best dorms?

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<p>Freshman options are basically Markley, Mojo, Lloyd, Oxford, West Quad, South Quad, or North.
Markley has tiny rooms, but if loft the beds (or even loft one and half-loft the other) you can get a lot more space (enough for a futon or smaller couch). Honestly, it seems terrible at first, but it’s not hard to make it work. The closet is small; as a girl with way too many clothes, I was extremely worried about this. However, I was able to fit all the clothes I wanted, though it is a little cramped. In sum, Markley is tiny, but it’s a really fun place to live. It’s all freshman, the dining hall is pretty nice, and it’s much better than north campus. </p>

<p>Mojo (Mosher-Jordan) is nice. I have some friends who live here. Their rooms are more spacious. Mojo’s dining hall is bigger and has more options. It is nicer, but it’s definitely not as social as Markley. That being said, is possible to get to know your hallmates in Mojo. There are a lot of nice study lounges. </p>

<p>Alice Lloyd is sort of like a hotel. It has A/C and lots of lounges with “modern” furniture. It’s a lot quieter than Markley, so probably less social. The rooms are bigger than Markley’s though. It doesn’t have a dining hall. </p>

<p>I’ve never been in Oxford housing, but I think it’s suite-style. I know a few people who live there and they say it’s not bad. </p>

<p>West Quad is very nice. The rooms I’ve been in there are actually rather big. Plus, a bunch of them have private bathrooms. No many freshman live there though. </p>

<p>South Quad is pretty nice. I think West Quad is better, but I haven’t spent a lot of time in South Quad. </p>

<p>I don’t think any freshman live in North Quad, but make sure to check out its dining hall. It has the best food. </p>

<p>I don’t know anything about either of the female-only residence halls. </p>

<p>Then there’s North Campus, which I really don’t know anything about. </p>

<p>You really don’t get a say in where you live freshman year, so if you get anywhere on the hill or central, you should be happy about it.</p>

<p>I spent 3 years in North Campus dorms so I can share some insight on my experience. </p>

<p>I really enjoyed my time in Bursley. It’s a pretty social hall that’s not too loud (except on occasional Friday and Saturday nights) … it really felt like a community on its own. Some people don’t like the distance from Central, but this is the dorm for engineers. Some years ago, they used to dedicate a hall for upperclassmen engineers, but upperclassmen in the dorms is a rarity these days because of the housing shortage (or overenrollment, I can’t tell) … lastly, I would say the food in Bursley is pretty good. I still occasionally eat in Bursley, and you will learn to love the pizza and toasted/grilled sandwiches that Blue Apple (the school store in Bursley) serves. </p>

<p>Baits II was not a good experience. You have to take care of your own bathroom and the dorm had this strange rotting smell … at least while I was there. An RA friend told me that they did add a movie theatre to the community space in Baits II so that’s nice, and it’s not too far away from Bursley. It is really hard to get to know people in Baits II because all hallways are all disjointed in a weird way. Also, when I was there, there wasn’t much in the form of RA-organized activities or free food, because apparently Baits does not usually get a good budget, though I’ve heard that this also improved last year.</p>

<p>I can’t comment on Northwood.</p>

<p>For North Campus living in general, there isn’t much in terms of food options (there’s a few shops like Qdoba and Panera just north of North Campus), so most people order online. However, the NCRB (gym) is just across the street from Bursley and there are some awesome running/biking routes on and around North. North is arguably quieter and safer than Central.</p>

<p>I LOVE south quad. It’s a great location and has a dining hall attached. I lived in Bursley my first year and hated it at the time, still kind of awful, and the bus ride wastes a ton of time but it’s the most social dorm and I made some of my best friends living in Bursley. If you end up there take it as a freshman experience because it builds character.</p>

<p>The best dorm in terms of facility is north quad because it’s new and shiny. But if you’re an incoming freshman you most likely won’t get into it. Markley, south quad, and mosher-jordan are probably the best you could get in terms of dorm food, social life, and proximity to your classes on central campus.</p>

<p>I still recommend newberry for women. It has a strong small community and is really friendly, clean, and comfortable. The location is fantastic, right across the street from Angell hall. SUPER friendly, I have the hardest time ever making friends and everyone was so sweet to me there. I’ve lived there and east quad (prior to renovation, obviously-- I think that’s still going on?) and in eq I had no kitchen and fewer places to study, and it was dirtier. A lot of people discount newberry because they assume it is like Martha Cook and boys aren’t allowed to stay over, but boys are welcome at all hours of the night and there are no special rules whatsoever. I will say, though, that the rooms are quite small… but you tend to think of your dorm room as your bedroom and the rest of the house as your home, so I didn’t feel it was cramped.</p>

<p>I would assume the other recommendations of North Quad, South Quad, and Mojo are also great options, those are always favorites, but I haven’t lived in those buildings and so can’t add to that discussion.</p>