What are the best extracurriculars to showcase?

What are the best extracurriculars to showcase? In addition, there was this website that directs users to extracurriculars, but I can’t remember which, does anyone know?

Dunno about the website, but whichever ones are most important to you, you’ve spent the most time on, and you feel most passionate about.

Okay, most of all, the activities that should be highlighted are those that you are deeply passionate about, spent an extensive amount of time on, and truly get excited over and therefore could discuss it in a lovely essay or interview. Next, list activities that you have had a leadership position in or some sort of award for. Then, list activities that you’ve done for 3-4 years of high school. This should fill up those 10 activity spots on the Common App, and you can use the first category of activities to write an essay.

^note that you do not have to fill all 10 slots, however (less is more; don’t stretch just to fill 10)

passion is the key. Too many surface level ECs look like your purpose is to gain admission. Counterproductive. Also, a lesson in life: Do what you enjoy doing. That will reward you in many ways including economically.