What are the best state schools in the NE?

<p>Or Public schools for that matter. What's the best (or a couple I guess, and how you would rank them) state school, and other public schools, in the northeast? I have privates on my list down but I want to put some public...I'm mostly looking into schools about 4ish hours away from NYC at most. So no more south than Maryland, No more west than Pennsylvania, and no more north than VT, Mass (No NH or Maine schools please.) Basically NY, NJ, PA, MA, CT, VT, RI, DE, MD...that's pretty much it. :)</p>

<p>thank you!</p>


<p>rutgers is only like a half hour from NYC
PSU is in the middle of *<strong><em>ing nowhere and the closest big "city" (altoona, PA) is pretty *</em></strong>ty.. kind of the opposite of NYC fyi...</p>

<p>UMass is in a cool college town, and going there allows you to take classes at Amherst, Smith, etc.</p>

<p>Yeah, my friend goes to UMass. I'm applying there as my safety. PSU is indeed the middle of nowhere. Everyone from my school goes there, so i wont bother applying. I am applying to Pitt which is in a very nice area. I visited UConn which I loved, but like PSU, it's in the middle o' nowhere.</p>

<p>UCONN=#1. by far.</p>



<p>I really don't care if the school is in the middle of no where. I live in NYC so I want to get away from the busy. I want to be in a college kind of town:)</p>

<p>Thanks sooo much guys. I was for sure applying to PSU and UConn. I like both a lot. See, I might apply to UMass as safety, it's just really not so good for eductation- or so I hear... so I don't know if I'll bother. Also, where do UMDCP and UD rank? I miiiight apply to both or one, but which one is better/nicer campus & facilities/student body/education/known better? </p>

<p>No one's mentioned U Vermont...is that school good? I was considering applying but I don't know much about it. I only really know a lot about NYS State schools(...Bing, Stony, etc...nothing good here-it's a shame!) Penn State, and U Conn. Which would you guys say is better of those latter two?...if they're at par to each other, I understand. :)</p>

<p>Thanks so much for the replies guys.</p>

<p>UMD is in the top 20 public schools..
but its in the huge ass DC/Balitmore metro area, so it sounds like that's what you don't want.</p>

<p>It's not that I don't want that. I just want to ensure that there's a campus-like campus. Nothing like NYU. I don't want to go through traffic between class! :P Just where there usually aren't random passerby on the campus, you know? I mean I know it happens all the time, but more like most everyone on campus is students and just, I want a college experience! A nice campus that feels college-y. I come from this really sheltered house-hold, so I want to experience the real college "thing."</p>

<p>UMass is very good for education. My friend's bro goes to UVM. He's a decent student, but a stoner. AFAIK, UVM has ALOT of drug use. :/</p>

<p>SUNY Geneseo
SUNY Oswego
SUNY Plattsburgh
Richard Stockton College NJ
The College of New Jersey
Saint Mary's College of Maryland
Townson University MD
Salisbury University MD</p>

<p>SUNY Geneseo, SUNY Binghamton, TCNJ, Penn State, Rutgers, UConn, UVM, UMaryland.</p>

<p>U of Vermont and U of New Hampshire in size and atmosphere are not like typical public universities.</p>

<p>In which way?</p>

<p>(thanks everyone!!!)</p>

<p>Ways that UNH and Vermont aren't typical state universities: very high out-of-state enrollments; small % of students in fraternities/sororities; small total enrollments, and small % of whom are grad students; Vermont doesn't have football; higher-than-usual % of students live on campus; nicer dorms than typical publics; smaller classes.</p>

<p>Most of the best state schools are outside of the NE actually: UMich, UVa, UNC Chapel Hill, UT-Austin, UIllinois Champaigna (SP?), and if you're willing to trek all the way out to California, there's always the UCs. The question then becomes, as it does with schools in the NE I would assume, is it worth it to pay the out of state tuition?</p>

<p>Umass, URI, Rutgers, UCONN to name a few</p>

<p>Penn St., Pitt and UConn are the top three byfar.</p>

<p>Is there any particular reason for the four hour limit? Another hour will get you UVa (great college town) and an hour and a half will get you William & Mary (as far from NYC as you can get - I worked at 53rd and Park after W&M so I can assure you both Va flagships schools will get you steeped in brick, ivy and history, along with the calm, southern ways). Just wanted to throw them out there for consideration since they are quite different from most of the other schools already mentioned.</p>