What are the campuses like?

I am trying to narrow down the list of schools I will apply to but first I want to know what the campuses are like. I can’t afford to visit these schools because they are all on the east coast (and I am on the west). I want to know whether they have a traditional campus or are located right in the middle of a big city, how big it is, what is the weather like, what the student body is generally like, and anything else you think is important for me to know.

The schools I am interested in are:

  1. Stanford University
  2. Georgetown
  3. University of Chicago
  4. Johns Hopkins University
  5. Brandeis University
  6. Princeton University
  7. Franklin & Marshall College
  8. University of Pennsylvania
  9. University of Richmond
  10. University of Virginia

You must know something about these school–how else did you select them? In any case, no one here is going to do all your research for you.

–Go to the library and spend some time with any or all of the college guides (Fiske, Princeton, etc.), which contain all kinds of information.
–For location and size of campuses, read each school’s website thoroughly and look at the campus maps (which in many cases are interactive) and photo galleries; use Google Earth and “walk” through the neighborhoods; look on Youtube for “____ University campus tour”–there’s plenty there.
–For weather in each locale, use Google (e.g., search “climate information for Baltimore”).
–Here on College Confidential, visit the individual forum for each school (In the “Colleges and Universities” section), read what’s there and post any specific questions you have (not anything as general as “what the student body is generally like” or “anything else you think is important to know”, which will get you no useful info).

This all takes time, but your time, not anyone else’s.

Good luck.

The only one I have seen is Georgetown but I’ll try to give some info:
-decently small but beautiful campus.
-on the tour, we went to the top of the dorms/student apartments and could see the washington monument.

  • student body is pretty liberal I would say
    -touring we felt there was a major emphasis on politics(no surprise)
    -seemed to be a decently competitive student body.
    Granted I was only there for a few hours so I’m sure someone else may have different opinions.
    Good luck

Most of the schools you list are reaches for everyone. From your posting history your test scores and EC’s would make them very high reaches for you.

You need match and safety schools.

For many universities, typing SoAndSo University Campus Tour into Youtube or Google will turn up a nice video that gives you a sense of the place.