What are the chances of acceptance?

<p>With these stats is there a realistic chance?</p>

<p>UW GPA 4.00
W GPA 4.25</p>

<p>SAT I 1990</p>

<p>Very good EC and refs</p>

<p>You look like the average admitted student.</p>

<p>how are we supposed to decide with a gpa and an sat score... cmon man, if you arent smart enough to post more info, you arent getting in... sorry...</p>

<p>btw, uc's dont take refs...</p>

<p>to tell you the truth...uc acceptances are kind of wacky! ive seen people with over 2200 sat's and a 4.0 gpa and tons of community service getting rejected to santa barbara. its say its 75 percent grades and 25 percent luck! =)</p>

<p>^^ those people must have had some *****astic essays.</p>

<p>what about me?
3.63 UW 4.00 W
32 act (around 2130 sat i think)
2050 sat
800/740 math/bio</p>

<p>not too many ec's</p>

<p>I just got accepted with
3.72 UW and 4.00 UCW
2170 SAT
780/760 math/spanish
i'd say we're pretty similar</p>

<p>i'd say you have a good chance</p>

<p>sorry, the last post was directed to rainbowbrite. Jojo has a great chance of getting in.</p>

<p>w00t got in</p>

<p>write a good essay. thats how i got in.</p>

<p>i got in with a 3.5 W</p>

<p>say you're african-american...</p>

<p>instant acceptance.</p>

<p>i got in with
my gpa weighted is 3.74
1680 on sat i
800 us history sat ii
770 chemistry sat ii</p>

<p>a lottt of extra currics/awards/noworkexp/ and i'd say my personal statement was superb?</p>

<p>i'm guessing. yeah hehe i know my gpa and sats are low.</p>

<p>it wasn't until i was expelled from a school that i turned my life around junior year and worked my butt off.</p>

<p>congrats! how were you expelled? pray do tell! what college are you going to?</p>

<p>i hung out with the wrong crowd freshmen and sopohmore year and i'll keep it as simple as that. the whole thing is pretty surreal and sounds very absurd. anyways, i received a suspension, then an expullsion, then i got that expullsion suspended. this meant that i was expelled from my school for one year and then i could come back. it was a verrryyy dramatic time for me during the transition, especially with my family and i.</p>

<p>i was really insecure about my chances of getting into college because i took 1 college approve class freshmen year (ceramics lol). and 4 more college approved classes sophomore year (englsh, spanish, world hist, biology) my math wasn't college approved... lol. it was "essentials of algebra" funny huh? but yeah junior year, after i got kicked out, i came BACK to the school that kicked me out and signed up for 5 AP classes. i'm taking 6 as a senior this year too (but the senioritis has bug has bit severely).</p>

<p>anyways my whole point was that i didn't think i would even get into UCI the closest UC to me 20 mins away and my ideal school at the time). so i was very insecure about my luck and i applied to cal state fullerton, long beach, ucr, ucsb, uci, ucsd, ucla and berkeley.</p>

<p>i applied to sd la and berkeley only for fun, i thought they would all reject me considering my sat scores are SO LOW and my gpa isn't great.</p>

<p>i've narrowed my choices down to uci, marshall at ucsd, and berkeley.</p>

<p>i need a high gpa because i wanna go to law school so i might end up going to uci or ucsd because i don't want to put the unneeded pressure on myself to compete with crazy brainiacs with the more competitive school.</p>

<p>uci? or ucsd? maybe berkeley? i dunno.. i've been torn and been treading back and forth with one alternative to another. *sigh. i want to make my decision before spring break ends so if i do choose sd or berk i can get good housing arrangements.</p>

<p>just say ur asian instant acceptance...at least thats what it looked like on campus..</p>