What are the chances of becoming a sophomore RA.

I’m going to be an incoming Freshmen at Rowan University soon, and I want to apply to be an RA. I want to do it as soon as possible because it would really help the with expenses. Someone told me that around 300 people apply to be RA’s, and 160 get in. I’m currently in the honors program, and I have had work experience beforehand in the shape of two internships and volunteering at an animal shelter.

With all my credentials, are my chances good for me to become a sophomore RA?

I would advise you to become active in the RHA, participate in your floor’s activities and embrace the college.
I cannot give you odds, although your numbers sound about right to me. Do expect that if you are selected, you will be living in one of the older dorms as the ‘low RA on the totem pole’.

For now though, enjoy your first semester!

Great answer, @NJRoadie. I’d also advise OP to have a great, well-behaved freshman year, get a feel, and build some goodwill and positive track record, and polish up on the interviewing skills. They don’t hand 'em out. There’s typically an individual interview and group interview involved plus training. Lots of responsibility.

I should add that odds are impossible to estimate. It’s not just up to what you do, it’s what everyone else who’s competing brings and does, too. Control what you can control, and then ride the wave of fate.