What are the chances of getting into Michigan State

Please help! I’m ready to hit the send button for my application to MSU. The question I have is should I submit my SAT score of 1180 or leave not submit also my GPA is 3.9 weighted.
MSU truly is my dream school and I’m truly worried about my sat score.
Any feed back would be appreciated.

Your GPA is good - well on the upper side of the average admitted student GPA at MSU (3.5-4.0). Your SAT is right within range of admitted students (1110-1280). Just keep in mind, MSU is test optional this year so you do not have to submit scores if you don’t want to.

I really worried if I don’t submit, it will hurt my chances. Reading and writing scores are 680 math portion 520.
Sorry for asking you this but do you think I should call the administration counselor for MSU and talk to him about this

They won’t give you an answer. They will say if you feel it’s representative of you, submit. If you don’t, then don’t. That it’s a personal decision and one of many things we look at. My daughter asked 6 or 7 schools - always the same.

Or in their words: MSU has always taken a holistic approach to evaluating students for admission. Standardized test scores make up a small part of our decision process. In the absence of a test score, we will continue to look at all factors on your application, including academic performance in high school, strength and quality of your curriculum, recent trends in your academic performance, your class rank, and your leadership, talents, conduct and diversity of experience.

What is your major?

Are you applying now to get it over with? The deadline is November 1. Might you take the test again or an ACT to see if you do better? Just throwing it out there.

I can’t find stats on Michigan State but at top schools - such as Wesleyan, over 40% of enrollees were test optional. At Connecticut College and Trinity, two above average LACs, it was in the 60% range.

Not a comparison because it’s much more difficult to get into, but I put what U of GA wrote at the bottom as it’s another large school - lots got in without a test score although clearly the bias is to submit.

Unless STEM/Engineering - i’d probably go ahead. But honestly, I’d take one more crack at it!!!

Anyway, good luck - now what U of Georigia said:

For the 2021 class, roughly half of the students chose to have us use a test score, while half decided to be test optional and not send scores. Overall, over 40% of the accepted students were test optional/did not send scores. Whether a student had a test score or not, the biggest academic factors were still a students grades and course rigor, as these are the best indicators of future success in the UGA classroom.

Apply and don’t send it. You can always send it later. You need proof. Look at around page 8. This is how the pros help to evaluate you. Planning & Budgets | Michigan State University

Also. If you have more then the minimum required and rigor that will help your cause. Their essay is more important to them then your Sat scores. Make sure your essay is excellent not just good. If it’s not excellent, take this week and work on it.

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My S21 had similar stats with 7 AP classes ( Human Geo, World History, English Lang, APUSH, APES, CS Principles, AP Gov. ) 10 honors classes, electives 4 years Engineering and 4 years DECA 2.5 years Foreign Language.
Applied Test Optional. He was accepted Political Science major to the James Madison Residential College.
We are OOS from Florida

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