What are the chances of getting off a waitlist?

<p>I applied to all VA schools: VT, JMU, MaryWashington, VCU, George Mason</p>

<li>3.5 (unweighted GPA minus middle school classes)</li>
<li>10 APs </li>
<li>SAT score 2070/2400 (they took January SAT due to special circumstances)</li>
<li>Female, Asian</li>

<p>Denied by JMU and VT <em>sniff</em>
Accepted: Mary Washington's Honor Program with a nice scholarship and VCU
Waitlisted: George Mason? </p>

<p>I was waitlisted because it said I was missing "Secondary School Forms" which my TA had told me she sent in. I e-mailed them about it, but they haven't emailed back yet. Anyway, point is I was waitlisted - should I send them a letter saying I will 100% go there if I get off their wait-list to increase my chances?</p>

<p>^^ Will you 100% go there if they accept you? If so, no harm in letting them know that. If not, pick a school you will go to and focus on that. Leave the waitlist spot for someone who will use it.</p>

<p>Yeah, I would choose it over Mary Washington's honor program and VCU since I'm committed to transferring after a year or two to either UVA or JMU. Thanks for your help!</p>

<p>No problem, I hope it works out for you!</p>

<p>I was waitlisted for GMU today, too. The online application status page says I'm missing the Secondary School Report, even though it was sent. Did your waitlist letter say you were waitlisted because of this missing report? Mine didn't. I am above the standards of acceptance for GMU, but am afraid many people way above the standards have already been accepted, leaving people like me on the waitlist. I am incredibly disappointed. How did it work out for you? Can you give me any advice? I'm freaking out!</p>