What are the chances of me getting into the following medical schools:

<li>Cornell U</li>
<li>Duke U</li>
<li>Johns Hopkins U</li>
<li>Princeton U</li>
<li>Stanford U</li>
<li>U Pennsylvania</li>
<li>U Washington</li>
<li>Washington U St. L.</li>
<li>Yale U</li>

<p>I'm a sophomore in high school right now, and I know I'm really smart (not being cocky), and I decided that I want to be successful in life, and I want to major in pre med.</p>

<p>I did pretty bad freshman year, I don't have the GPA. But I know I did pretty bad, due to family issues, being lazy, depressed, ETC...</p>

<p>I think my GPA right now is like a 3.25, I'm not sure. It's the forth marking period and I did okay, I could have done much better if I wanted to.</p>

<p>Next year I'm taking:
AP statistics
Chem honors
Pre calc honors
English 3
Spanish 3</p>

<p>And I'm very determined. So I know I'm going to do my best.</p>

<p>Senior year I plan on taking:
AP physics
AP Calc
AP computer science
english 4
and an elective</p>

<p>and I'm planning on doing A LOT of volunteer work, like this summer I'm volunteering for the EMT and to volunteer at hospitals. I started a bit of volunteer work already, but I plan on so much more.</p>

<p>and I'm also going to do sports and ECs.</p>

<p>ALSO my uncle went to Cornell and my great grandfather.</p>

<p>Medical school is for <em>after</em> college.
You need to go to college for four years, get an undergraduate degree and <em>then</em> apply to medical school.</p>

<p>(Also, Princeton does not have a medical school)</p>

<p>If you are talking about admission for undergraduate studies ("college") then you do need to get your GPA up. It currently will not make you a competitive candidate for any of the schools you mentioned (with the possible exception of Univ. of Washington).</p>

<p>The vast majority of the schools you listed are extremely competitive, not to mention crapshoots at times. It would be totally irrational to apply to all of those without any safeties, especially since (based on the information you've provided) you don't have a significant hook besides being a quasi-legacy at Cornell.
Also, since you're a sophomore, have no ECs as of yet, have not taken the SATs, and your GPA is still prone to changing, it's impossible to chance you for any school. It's good to have big dreams, but we can only chance you on what you actually do.</p>

<p>I am a practicing physician who applied to 20 medical schools with a college GPA of 3.7 and MCAT scores totaling 31 and was accepted at exactly one school, which fortunately is all it takes. The majority of people applying to medical school are very smart and most do not get even one acceptance. Whether you are applying to Harvard Medical School or Drexel University School of Medicine in Philadelphia where I went, there are no guarantees you will be accepted no matter how strong your record is.</p>