what are the chances of the coolest person in the world getting in?

<p>i'm the coolest person in the world. I REALLY REALLY want to go to MIT (perhaps too much?)
SAT: (800)math (590)verbal... i retook it and dont know my new verbal score yet.
SAT II</p>

<p>Test scores alone will not keep you out of the race, if you have something else that's stellar which appeals to them. I'm sure they will consider a certain test score that's below their average if you have some good reason for it.</p>

<p>whoops... i pressed post by mistake...
anyways, here is my continuation:
i am a girl
SAT II: math 2c (700) writing-I DONT KNOW! (collegeboard sucks) chemistry(760)
GPA: 4.0 unweighted
rank:#7 (tied)
3 APs: biology(5), chemistry(4), english language(3). this year im taking AP english lit and AP Government
college classes: (all As) intro to computers, Spanish 1 and 2, US history 12, social dance. classes in progress: physics 6 (not calc based), and calc 1.
I've done 2 research programs: one at Caltech about cosmic rays and one i still do at UCLA on plasma physics. i go at least 7+hours/week.
i have a whole bunch of community service hours (135+).
clubs: Founded a community service club and copresidented it for 2 years, vice presidented it for 2 years. speech and debate in the 9th grade (3 first place trophies), and im starting it up again this year. im on the science bowl team (started last year in 11th grade), and im in a youth group, USY, where i was the historian for my chapter for a year.
my brother went to MIT (class of 2003)
i applied early action. (as did one other girl from my school: the valadictorian. she took a crazy amt of APs (all 5s) she looks better than me. my class has 200 people)
ok... i may not be the coolest person in the world, i just wanted to say that to grab your attention. i am pretty neat though.</p>

<p>my only reason for my inadaquite verbal score is that i suck at verbal. my ken of vocabulary sucks (watched TV instead of read when i was younger). "you see, im not too good with words, which is why im in such a delicate conundrum" -futurama</p>

<p>Not knocking your level of "coolness", but you have just about the same chance of getting into MIT as the rest of us. yes, your verbal score will hurt you (if it does not at least break 650), but you can counter that somewhat with a high writing score. Your research will be a plus (if it's somewhat meaningful), your lack of APs will be a minus (but your college classes will balance that off). Legacy, though I don't believe is as important at MIT as other colleges (don't quote me on this), will give you a boost, while your lack of depth in your ECs will hurt a bit.</p>

<p>So... it just about evens out. Yep, same as the rest :)</p>

<p>the research and your gender will help a lot.</p>

<p>Well, yes, girls have a decent advantage, but I've noticed a lot of females applying to mit this year (myself included ;))</p>

<p>I wonder if a male applicant could grow his hair out a bit and adopt a higher voice for the duration of the application period? :D</p>

<p>darthfuzz ,</p>

<p>wow you are soo cool.. as a matter of fact, i think you are too cool for school. dont go to mit. too cool man.</p>

<p>Just outta curiosity, will applicants with an older sibling from MIT have a slight advantage? (This doesn't apply to me though heh)</p>

<p>From what I know siblings are not given any preference in admissions. True legacies really don't get much except one last look if they've been rejected. I read this somewhere and don't have time to search for it now.</p>