What are the Chances?

What are kid’s chances for getting into Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Princeton, and the other Ivies? Major - undecided.

Has a 3.7 unweighted and 4.4 weighted GPA.
1400 SAT score
AP Bio - 4
AP Human - 4
AP Stats - 4
AP Micro - 4
AP US Govt - 4
AP Spanish - 5

Dual Enrollment English 101 and 102, Chemistry 1 and 2, Pre-calc, College Algebra, Calculus 1 and 2.

Has mostly A’s, with some B’s as well. Took AP Bio online during freshman year (along with AP Human at school). Took AP Micro online, and AP Stats and Gov’t at school during sophomore year. AP Spanish and all of the dual enrollment classes in junior year (except pre-calc and algebra, which were taken during the summer before junior year).
Plans on graduating early of high school (“junior” year is technically senior year).

Kid got skipped to 7th grade math in 6th grade, based on 6th grade math teacher suggestion.
Has gotten invitations to Stanford as well for a law program (for high schoolers), and has gotten invitation from UMass for some pre-med program (for high schoolers); both as a freshman. Kid is fully bilingual, and as well know the basics of French.

Stats are on the low side for the ivies assuming kid is unhooked. 1400 below middle 50, and many ivy applicants have higher GPA and mostly 5s on APs. Treat as reaches and focus on matches and safeties.

The student sounds smart but I would say the odds of admission aren’t great. The GPA and SAT scores are really pretty low for those schools. Pushing to finish early just has their application in a pile with others who graduated on time with a higher GPA, 1500+ SAT, and 5’s on more AP exams.