What are the expectations/protocols during an online information session?

Have any of you done an online information session? What happens during these? Is it just a presenter talking live to the group and taking any questions? Would it be unusual for the student to have his or her camera off during the session? Would it be unusual for a student not to speak, or is there an expectation that students will interact somehow?

I have a good sense of what happens during an in-person information session or an on-campus tour or an online interview. I’m trying to get a sense of what might be seen as rude at these online information sessions before we sign up.

General info sessions are almost always one-directional communication. Questions from students are typically typed in a chat window, where an assistant will comb through them and feed meaningful/repeated questions to be answered in the time allowed.

Maybe there are smaller ones than I’ve been to, but I haven’t been to one where students speak or have active cameras.

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Agree. Most webinars on various platforms have been one-directional. You don’t have the option to use your camera or speak.

However, there have been a few zoom sessions where students could have their cameras on with muted microphones. This only happened with some of the smaller colleges (Rose Hulman, Santa Clara, Case Western, and Hamilton). Also it was early spring when colleges were still figuring out the best way to hold info sessions.

It would help if you planned a few questions in advance and asked them in the chat. This can demonstrate your interest :slight_smile:

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