What are the hardest math classes I can take in high school?

<p>I'm a freshman and I made a 98% in Algebra I last semester and currently have a 97% for this semester so far. I go to a very small school, so we don't have AP classes. I plan to take Algebra II and Geometry next year. Online course are an option too. The hardest math classes my school offers is Trig. and Calc., are there harder ones than this at the HS level or any dual credit classes anyone knows of?


<p>Also look into local colleges and see if you can take calculus (and beyond) courses.</p>

<p>Good advice from the above poster. AP Calc BC is the highest class I know of.... Then most school delve into multivariable whatnot but they are not AP classes. Definitely look into dual enrollment classes. I personally prefer those over online courses.</p>

<p>Look into taking classes at a CC or University if possible.</p>

<p>I took multivariable last semester. I could've taken linear algebra this semester, but I simply don't have the time (both are offered through the local city college).</p>

<p>The highest I know of is Calculus III at my school though. But I'll check with a local universities.</p>

<p>I'm taking AP Calculus BC right now and it's definitely the hardest math I've ever taken. Since your school does not offer this, however, I'd look into taking classes at a local CC once you've exhausted all your options.</p>

<p>Make sure you are ready for higher level calculus and math classes. A 98 in Algebra is good, but it doesn't mean you will be able to handle Calculus.</p>

<p>I'm legitimately surprised that michael2 hasn't hopped on and screamed "ABSTRACT ALGEBRA!" yet.</p>


<p>It depends on your location, check your options at local universities. However, know that it's perfectly fine to just follow the curriculum. xD</p>

<p>Agreed with cortana431...Algebra is literally the most basic of nearly all high school maths. A 98% is great to have and to hold, but just because you have a 98% in the ultimate basics does NOT mean that you're ready for calculus, or even trigonometry or geometry. You need to learn the basics before you jump ahead. The basis for all harder maths is algebra, but those often base off of each other, as well.</p>

<p>The highest math classes that is offered at my school are AP Stats, differential equations, and Calc 3.</p>

<p>My school goes up to Calc BC, if you count interactive TV/distance learning. Calc AB otherwise. Calc 3 and up is only at the CC a half hour away.</p>

<p>I think average is probably Calc AB or BC for the better schools. Anything beyond that is either a massive huge school or an elite one. Or the average school of a CC user...</p>

<p>This is the first time I saw this thread otherwise I would have posted sooner, and yes, abstract algebra!! Not only is this the hardest class I have ever heard of anyone taking, but it is the precursor to category theory. The most advanced type of category theory is infinity category theory and there are very few people in the world who understand this math. (I think you could fit them all in a small room). A mathematical physicist I know told me that infinity category theory is the hardest math there is.</p>

<p>I know plenty of people (juniors/seniors) taking harder courses than abstract algebra.</p>

<p>There are plenty of analysis/theory courses that are for those interested in theories themselves; otherwise, mathematics serves as a very special and effective tool to solving other problems (such as physics and chemistry).</p>

<p>Which courses specifically?</p>

<p>If you were REALLY invested in progressing in math, you could possibly transfer to a private school with very good course offerings? Like at my school, we have a class that covers AP Calc BC in around 18 weeks, as well as classes in Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, Complex Analysis, and various math seminars.</p>

<p>EPGY is also a very good online program, if you wouldn't mind that kind of learning environment.</p>

<p>abstract algebra and real analysis--oh yeah and combinatorics....</p>

<p>I think any AP but I heard stats is easier than calculus </p>

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<p>At my school, the highest math courses would be the following (in order):</p>

<p>Real Analysis I
Differential Equations
Partial Differential Equations
Abstract Algebra
Matrix Theory
Fourier Analysis
Senior Statistics (Senior as in College Senior level)
Mathematical Modeling</p>