What are the main reasons to go to FDU?

<p>For those of you with first hand knowledge, could you tell me about the major advantages of Fairleigh Dickinson University? I am not looking for comparisons with other schools or long lists of gripes. I am essentially asking a question similar to what an applicant might be asked - Why FDU?</p>

<p>I have taught at FDU since 2009; the school is gorgeous, some depts are very good (and getting better), and the professors are dedicated to getting to know & helping the students. Because the school is small, it's hard to hide, and if you are a godd student you can probably find a professor to do some research with--that's an unusual opportunity for undergrads. If you want to try different things it's a good place because you'll have lots of chances. But, almost everyone is from the NY/NJ area, and some weekends the campus clears out.</p>

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<p>Thanks for the post. Having grown up in NJ I have always had an appreeciation for the beauty and location of the college. Your comments about the campus being vacated on the weekends was something I hadn't even thought about.</p>