What are the parties like?

<p>so i'm gonna be a freshman at tech this fall as an IE major. not gonna lie...i'm hoping to experience some typical frat parties. As in, packed full of people, beer, dancing, etc. Do these kind of parties actually happen at tech? if not, fill me in about what they're like. thanks :)</p>

<p>Yes, these parties happen at Tech all the time. But please do not party your GPA away or end up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning... Have fun, but be responsible.</p>

<p>Yes, those parties exist. You just need to spend time around the right fraternities.</p>

<p>Thanks guys! And I won't go crazy...I'm pretty responsible and grades come first.</p>

<p>How do you figure out the "right" fraternities?</p>

How do you figure out the "right" fraternities?


<p>Just pay attention during Rush week and ask people's opinions on campus.</p>

<p>As at any college, all fraternities are different. Each house has a personality that attracts guys with similar personalities. At some houses, guys are nicer and more respectful to women than at others. At some houses, guys are more fun and like to party more than at others, etc. You just need to be careful. Some fraternities are notoriously disrespectful of women, some fraternities are much more heavily into drugs than other houses, and some fraternities tend to be predatory towards women. If you don't know much about a house, you can try a google search or an Urban Dictionary search for that house at Georgia Tech (but be careful not to judge based on other campuses as a fraternity can be very different from campus to campus). Here are examples:</p>

<p>First hit for "Pike" in Urban Dictionary: Urban</a> Dictionary: pike</p>

<p>First hit for GT Sig Ep on Google: Powered</a> by Google Docs</p>