What are the Pros & Cons for MSU

Hi everyone, I’m a senior in high school and I’m deciding to go to University of Arizona. My major is Biology and my parents want me to go to MSU. Is MSU good for biology? What are the pros and cons? Thanks.

MSU is overall higher ranked. Why do your parents want you to go to Michigan state? Must say had the same issue with my son I wanted him to go there and he is enjoying it.

@airway1 Thank you for your response. My parents want me to go to MSU because it’s 15 minutes from where I live. I feel like MSU has a bad reputation and the professors aren’t that good. Also MSU has a party reputation and I see many students who do drugs. Personally, I kind of don’t want to go because my parents will annoy me if I am close by and ask me to visit them and I feel like I won’t be motivated to be in school.

@naturalbrother all universities are in the same boat of party, drugs and craziness. My son said freshman year was crazy with what he saw. He has enjoyed his classes and are very challenging. The issue this year is if schools go online in the fall you will pay for OOS tuition online. MSU is higher ranked then Arizona and is investing heavily in STEM. Arizona , Penn State, BostonU (went there) and any other school its all about partying. It will depend on you but MSU has a great reputation.

Where are you getting your information from? Arizona State has a far worse party reputation than MIchigan State.

@itsgettingreal21 The ratings are from Niche and I live 15 minutes from MSU and many friends that go there. They say there’s literally parties every day almost. MSU is #22 and UArizona is #57 top party schools in America. Also, MSU has more Greek Life than UArizona.

If you’re good with the winter and being that close to home, you’ll love it. I noticed you mentioned the partying but unless you actively seek them out, you can avoid them. I’m a senior now and I’m kind of tired of the whole party and bar thing. Most of the time, if the parties are around campus, they get shut down by the police kind of quickly in my experience (my freshman year, this was not really the case, but they’ve been pretty strict in recent years imo). Had I done it all over, I would probably have gone out of state to Florida, but that’s just me. I’m pretty independent and don’t mind being away. I also hate the cold.

Pros: beautiful campus, especially when it’s warm, classes are a good type of challenging depending on your major, good people, nobody is super competitive in a good way. I also love taking the bus. Bars are nice, I like Fieldhouse a lot. Also, most professors are pretty cool but I may have just gotten lucky. I also enjoyed the dining hall food but that’s just me (the salads are so good lol)

Cons: to me, the winter. Counselors routinely have messed up my schedule so I just do it myself now. Parking - horrible, absolutely horrible. MSU is really good for biology but my friends say it’s really difficult.