What Are the Pros, Cons of Early Action and Early Decision?

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I agree with the post. I’ve always advocated ED for those who have a first choice school and want to lock into it early, regardless of whether financial aid is an issue. One can be released from the ED agreement if the financial aid does not pan out. I’ve always felt that Colleges seem to be a bit more generous with ED aid packages, and more willing to discuss them.

I specifically remember several situations where ED packages were revised after reviews and discussions on home business values , and the very same schools would not go into that detail for RD accepted studebts un similar situations. I think at that point if the Admissions Season, the FA officers were done—could not possibly give detailed time and attention, and they had enough leeway in yield that they did not have to do as much. Schools tend to have close to , if not a 100% ED yield. There is a lot of motivation to make ED accepted students to come to the school, and the FA office is not yet overrun with work.

The problem I see with ED is that kids d change their minds, things do happen. A lot can change in 6 months as we’ve seen this past year.