What are the reputations of each fraternity at MIT?

Hi, I’m interested in rushing and know that I shouldn’t rely on just the reputations and that I should actually go and meet the guys at each house. But since there are like 30 fraternities I would like a general sense of what some fraternities are like since I can’t visit them all. Thank you.

It is amazing how the character of a fraternity can change over even a short amount of time. After all, 25% of the people in it change every year. You can try and rush a certain kind of individual with interests that are aligned with yours. But many young people at this age are just exploring new things and new ideas. They change, so the person you rush may not be the same person a short time later. And so the character of the house changes.

It has been a while since I was an MIT freshman, but I remember getting all kinds in “stuff” in the mail over the summer from most of the fraternities at MIT. Check out their web sites. You will start to get a feel about what each of the houses are like. Pick a few to look at. Talk to your freshman friends who are also wondering the same thing. Then, enjoy the process.