What are the SAT subject tests?

<p>What are the SAT subject tests? Can anyone give me some info on it? I never heard about it.</p>

<p>Ok..As the name suggests, its a "SUBJECT" test. It tests your knowledge on a particular subject (you get to choose on which subject you should sit for). If you are interested in any Sci or Engg Major, then there is Phy, Chem, MathI, and MAthII. If humanities then History, world history, American History, Eng Lit, Chinese and so on.
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<p>Tests your actual knowledge of different subjects. Required only at most selective to highly selective colleges. Usually advised to be taken summer of junior year.</p>

<p>do you have to pay for them?</p>

<p>Yes. You can take up to three in one sitting. They are each about an hour long. If taken, they will be reported along with your Reasoning Test results unless you use score choice to prevent this.</p>

<p>Schools that require or recommend the SAT Subject tests:</p>

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