What are the schools that don't do a cut?

<p>I was wondering what schools don't cut. I'm asking about acting and musical theatre degrees. </p>

<p>These are some of the one's i'm really interested in applying to at some point. I don't think any of these schools cut, but I could be wrong. </p>

<p>Syracuse University
Otterbein College
Elon University
Roosevelt University</p>

<p>Oklahoma City University does not cut.</p>

<p>when you say "don't cut" -- do you really mean that elon & syracuse accept everyone???</p>


<p>You may want to read a piece I wrote two years ago about cut policies. It's on the MT FAQ site, which you can access here:</p>

<p><a href="http://www.geocities.com/musicaltheatercolleges/%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.geocities.com/musicaltheatercolleges/&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Click on "Cut Policy" on the left-hand side. </p>

<p>Almost all schools have abandoned the kind of "cut" policies which are scaring you. To my knowledge, the four schools that you named do not engage in cuts to reach a pre-established smaller number of students in the junior year. Instead, they accept the number of students which they can commit to training for four years.</p>

<p>The most notable exceptions, that is, schools which do accept more students than they can carry into the junior and senior years, are DePaul and the University of Arizona. They are very up-front about their policies, however, and they believe in them. Read the threads devoted to these schools for quite extensive discussions.</p>

<p>Read my essay and see if it helps. Write again if you have more questions.</p>

<p>I understand "don't cut" to mean that once you are in, you are allowed to stay in the program unless you decide to leave on your own, flunk out, or come to some "mutual agreement" with the faculty that maybe you don't need to be there. Some schools "re-evaluate" your talent and progress after freshman or sophomore year and cut you from their program.</p>

<p>Yes when I say Don't Cut. I mean they don't cut you the first, second, third, or fourth year. You get to be there all the years less you want to go to another program.</p>

<p>Syracuse doesn't have a "cut system, per se, but after sophomore year students are evaluated. If a student fails his/her eval, they have to retake some sophomore courses Junior year, and then evaluate again. If they fail both times, they cannot continue on to the higher-level BFA courses, and instead will graduate with a BS in Drama. However, any student who fails can still audition for and be in the productions, and still take classes in their major, just not the upper ones.</p>

<p>Syracuse is described well above, and I think many schools are similar to this, having an evaluation process. </p>

<p>I believe that Elon does not have cuts once a student is in school for MT.</p>

<p>Other schools that have been reported to have at least some cuts, maybe not in the volume of AZ and DePaul, are Boston Conservatory and CCM, which we did not visit.</p>

<p>Webster's thread had a recent discussion about how a few students were not asked to return, but you would have to read that long thread to get the different opinions.</p>

<p>My general impression is that most MT schools do not cut.</p>

<p>ithaca is on the "does cut" list as well.</p>

<p>they use a probation system in which you are warned and are given time to improve. if, by the next review, you don't improve enough, you are "discontinued".</p>

<p>most schools with cut systems work similarly, i believe.</p>

<p>University of Oklahoma does NOT have a cut system.
Point Park does not have a cut system, but my understanding of their system is that you have to earn a place in the BFA at sophomore year. This means that being accepted into the MT program as a freshman does not guarantee a spot in the BFA program. This produces a similar outcome as a cut system, IMO. Maybe somebody else can describe PPU's system better than I am doing.</p>

they use a probation system in which you are warned and are given time to improve. if, by the next review, you don't improve enough, you are "discontinued".

If that’s the definition you use for a cut, just about all the decent BFA Acting programs have them. I think it’s perfectly justifiable to cut someone for slacking off, having a trend of showing up to class unprepared, letting down scene partners, or just generally having a bad attitude that poisons the class. There are a lot of very talented kids around that can blow out an audition, but aren’t emotionally ready to undertake serious training and it’s gotta be pretty easy for a gifted actor to convince an auditor otherwise in a short interview. There are all kinds of things that can lead to this. They could include being out of the parents’ house for the first time, being unable to adjust to not being easily “the best,” having to stomach sharp criticism for the first time in their lives, to just getting into it and simply realizing it’s not what they want to do with their lives after all. Some others simply burn out or lose their passion. It is fortunate that many do give a warning first so the student can reevaluate and have an opportunity to get it together, but two straight terms of not getting it done or dragging down the class? Yeah … They should be sent packing. It’s not fair to the rest to keep them around.</p>

<p>coastal carolina is a noncut program..ba mt program...hopefully on the rise..great faculty..just have to bring in the talent now..dont get me wrong we do have talent..but not as much as we should with the resources we have</p>

<p>Thanks everyone. I do agree that slackers shouldn't be able to stay in the programs. I am in complete agreement with that, but there are alot of people in the programs who are really trying and sometimes, but the teachers may not see that. It just feels like a slap in the face if you are really trying and you get cut anyway. It'll be even more difficult to try to transfer somewhere else. I'd rather the schools let in smaller numbers and they stick with those kids and let them do 4 years of school. I like that Otterbein does that and some other schools.</p>

<p>I know Roosevelt does not have a cut. A school I would to bring up is Boston University. I loved this school when I visited, but they have a strange "hidden" cut, and I thought it might be good to see if others schools were like this.</p>

<p>They accept all of their actors and theatre arts together into one major and then after sophomore year the faculty desides which major their students should go into. Someone who wanted theatre arts may be placed in acting and someone who wanted acting may be placed in theatre arts. I believe it's sorted out 50% acting, 50% theatre arts at that point. It seems wierd because they do not say anything about a cut, but I think this still qualifies, because DePaul offers a bunch of theatre arts spots to people who get cut, usually everyone who was a surprise, and then even a few more, I believe. SO, does anyone know about any other schools who do this?</p>

<p>ckp you know what I was looking at some colleges that do that as well I think yesterday. I think some of the colleges in colorado do that. Can't remember all the ones. Cause I looked at the colleges in Colorado before and didn't notice it till now. You do have to really read each website and call people to clarify their cut policies. Don't just assume!</p>

<p>NYU doesnt cut.</p>

<p>Some of the schools I will list here will either be a definite cut, evaluations, audition at the end of the year or can only stay or be put into a certain program and not be able to advance unless the faculty allows it. etc etc So definitely check out each school to see how you feel about their policies. (Please correct me if i'm wrong about any of the schools) Some of these are also on DoctorJohn's list. </p>

<p>Schools with no cuts </p>

<p>Roosevelt University
Oklahoma City University
Carnegie Mellon University
Otterbein College
University of Northern Colorado
University of Hartford--The Hartt School
Florida State University
Illinois Wesleyan University
Ball State University <em>Not completely sure if they cut or not.. They do evaluate the progress though</em>
Baldwin-Wallace <em>? not sure if they cut it doesn't look like it from the website</em>
Ithaca College <em>not sure if they cut either from looking at their website</em>
Webster University <em>not exactly a cut system, but they may ask students to leave if they are slacking off/etc</em>
University of the Arts <em>not sure if they cut either</em>
University of Oklahoma <em>do they cut?</em>
Kent State University</p>

<p>Schools that cut and do evaluations/etc </p>

<p>Depaul University
Point Park University
Syracuse University
University of Arizona
Boston Conservatory
California State University, Fullerton
University of California - Los Angeles
University of Colorado (evaluation will only advance to BFA if the faculty thanks you can do the advance work)
Northwestern University (BA Theater or BM Music, MT certificate, audition at the end of first year)
Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music <em>CCM</em>
Emerson College <em>have to audition at the end of sophmore year/can get cut</em>
Wright State University <em>faculty evaluation/possible cut</em>
East Carolina University (BFA, audition at the end of first year)
Coastal Carolina University</p>

<p>I'm sure there are many more that I haven't added. Everyone please list more if you know any info!</p>

<p>I know that University of the Arts has like a sophomore evaluation as does Carnegie Mellon I think. Though I think the absolute last possible thing to have happen at these schools would be to cut. I think it's a real long shot to actually get kicked out of the program. They'll really try to work on your weaker areas and help you through it. The philosophies at these schools seem to be very nuturing instead of having a cut-throat competitve atmosphere.</p>

<p>Addressing allysoncdiva's post:</p>

<p>I do not think BW cuts.</p>

<p>mtmommy addressed OU on this thread this week.</p>

<p>I think Ithaca has the same type of evaluations that Syracuse has. Neither of them really seemed to be a cut system to us but more just a way to help people with weak areas, similar to what BreakIntoSong mentioned above.</p>

<p>ithaca DOES "discontinue" people. at the beginning you are told/warned about what you need to work on, then if you don't improve enough before the next review, you are "discontinued".</p>