What are the typical aid packages like for out of state students wanting to attend Towson U?

I have been accepted into Towson University and was notified of a scholarship of 7k a year in early January. I was was curious as to what financial aid packages typically look like for out of state students

Did you try their net price calculator.

I would expect you to maybe get work study and a subsidized and unsubsidized loan, depending on need.

But Towson doesn’t meet 100% need.

Use their Net Price Calculator. I suspect that the $7k is the only free money you’ll get. They don’t give need based aid to OOS.

I am looking for the same information! I hear they don’t really give. I haven’t gotten any financial aid packages yet either.

We just received the financial aid package for Towson… zero dollars offered… out of state for us. That lack of aid def changes our feelings about Towson. :slight_smile: