what are they? which ones should i take?

<p>well, i have no clue about what tests to take, nor have i heard any talk by any of my counselors or anything about these tests? what are they? and which ones should i take? i plan to go to a cal state, uc, or private, prbably a high cal state or middle - low uc, i am a sophmore. </p>

<p>i am gonna take ap ush next year with a really good teacher, so i plan on taking the us history one, and i have no clue about the other one</p>

<p>i have gotten b-s on all my science classes
an B+ / a- in a really easy world history classs where all we do is projects, no tests, i havn't learned anything
b-s in language
b/as in math untill this year i am taking precalc and got a c+ first semester, and probably a c second semester, but its a super hard class.. i plan to take stats jr. year and no math sr year.
b-s in english</p>

<p>i plan to major in business probably
so i am thinking math 2c and ush??? geting a C+ in math is that good enough to take it?? im not sure what else i would take it in? and what are subject tests and do i have to take them?? should i get a book on math 2 c and when should i take it?? probably end of this year?? help!! thanks</p>

<p>The SAT II Subject tests are one hour exams which test your knowledge in a specific subject area (as opposed to the SAT I, which combines math with reading and writing)</p>

<p>Most schools that require SAT IIs ask for two; a handful ask for 3 (e.g. Harvard, and I think Princeton)</p>

<p>Take the SATIIs in whichever subjects you are strongest in; if you're planning on going into business, I'm guessing MathII will be required, although check with the schools you are looking at. It's a good idea to take them at the end of the corresponding course (e.g. Taking Math II right after you finish you math course) just because the material is still fresh in your mind; you can always take them later if you feel you need to review. Since you're only a sophmore, you've still got plenty of time, so don't stress =)</p>

<p>Take a look at the Collegeboard site: Prepare</a> for SAT Subject Tests - SAT Preparation, Tips, and Strategies</p>