What are you currently listening to?

<p>Paper Bag - Goldfrapp</p>

<p>"Man In The Mirror" - Michael Jackson</p>

<p>That's My Goal-Shayne Ward</p>


<p>"Your mother's moaning" - Your mother</p>

<p>like a star-corrine bailey rae</p>

<p>i guess i'm pretty mainstream here...good girls go bad by cobra starship <3</p>

<p>You Are Not Alone - Michael Jackson</p>

<p>hummingbird-nevershoutnever , ahh I'm so girly</p>

<p>MGMT- Time to pretend</p>

<p>Grand Avenue - "Bullet"</p>

<p>im watching a dave chappelle stand up now but before i was listening to
one mic-nas</p>

<p>Heroes - David Bowie</p>

<p>I LOVE Nevershoutnever... Liar Liar-nevershoutnever is my song right now :D</p>

<p>They dont care about us - MJ</p>

<p>MuggleCast episode #175</p>

<p>so not many rap fans on this thread</p>

<p>Summer Days in Bloom - Maximilian Hecker</p>

<p>Clark Gable - Postal Service :D</p>

<p>...I love Pandora :D</p>

<p>Champagne from a Paper Cup - Death Cab for Cutie</p>