What are YOU doing for the summer?

<p>So, I figured since most of us are well, for lack of a better word, extremely smart (I mean, face it, almost all of us got into the boarding schools we wanted) AND competitive, I thought it would be appropriate to start a thread regarding all of your summer plans. </p>

<p>I am currently interning at USAID, where I'll be working for two months. Then, although I'm still only on the stage of trying to convince my parents, I'll be attending Summer@Brown for two weeks :)</p>

<p>Now, what are YOUR plans?</p>

<p>I thought you had to be in college to intern at USAID?</p>

<p>I'm painting a moral [2] at my school, playing summer soccer, and going to camp. Not too much :/</p>

<p>Sadie2, since my dad works for the federal government overseas, you only have to be older then 16 to be eligible for internships :)</p>

<p>Rad, that sounds like a lot actually! what camp are you going to?</p>

<p>Okay, ouch, I didn't get into any of the boarding schools I applied to. But okay, I'm going to pretend that I'm extremely smart anyway. Haha.
I actually won't be doing much. I'll be swimming, working at a local charity shop (it's actually a lot of fun!), trying out cooking (hey, trial and error!) by watching my dad and my ayi (Chinese maid), and doing lots of work on poetry and geometry! Haha. :)</p>

<p>its in maine, and only for a week. BEST CAMP EVER!!!!!!!! XD I <3 them lol</p>

<p>Im volunteering, taking some classes, sleeping...., gonna start some PSAT studying soon, more sleeping, and do some interviews.</p>

<p>volunteering volunteering sailing volunteering volunteering ..
mostly volunteering with low-income children.. oh the irony</p>

<p>LOL why irony, do you want to volunteer with high-income children then?

<p>Im going to a month long camp starting next sunday at Choate Rosemary Hall:)</p>

<p>not much. crew camp and german camp. A few bat Mitzvah parties. Oh, yeah, intervies for Andover, Hotchkiss, and Exeter. German Camp is going to be AWESOME! Nothing but German for two weeks! And they are modern, not old fashioned. Yes!</p>

<p>I am going to Holland for 3 weeks to see my parents and learn about its history for my brothers senior project, and horseback riding the rest of the time. Also raising money with my riding for kids in Haiti!</p>

<p>Mostly studying for P-Sats and SATs. Some volunteering at the library and at an organisation for low-income children. Perhaps some tennis and piano lessons.
A leadership summer school, an "education through adventure" summer school and a science competition.
The Assist orientation week in Boston.
Then going to the school for Math Team preseason.</p>

<p>umm HSSP at MIT :D facilitating at this camp, probably some PSAT practice. oh and I have this huge, obnoxious packet to do for AP History. So yeah, summer homework and fun camps haha</p>

<p>@cutiedida: Are you an int'l applicant?</p>

<p>I am doing basketball camps, basketball camps, basketball camps, Algebra 2 course, repeat for the rest of the summer and maybe some light reading in between.</p>

<p>Urbanflop: Who are you taking Algebra 2 through?</p>

<p>Im visiting china all summer. Pretty cool but ughhh i miss american food. :( i've never been happier to see a mcdonald's since i was 5.</p>

Urbanflop: Who are you taking Algebra 2 through?


<p>I am using <a href="http://www.aleks.com/%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.aleks.com/&lt;/a> and a textbook.
I love using that quotes thing...:)</p>

<p>urbanflop- so you just order it and you can work at your own pace?</p>

<p>ps. how do you quote? lol</p>

urbanflop- so you just order it and you can work at your own pace?


<p>Yes, you pay $20 a month and you work at your own pace. People on CC recomended it.
In order to quote, you have to put the word "quote" in the hard brackets: [] before you start the quote and after the quote you do the same thing but there is a forward slash after the first bracket: