What are you doing this summer?

<p>With only two more months (less, if your school has Senior Projects or the like) left, I thought it would be interesting to hear what other people are doing this summer. Maybe if some people haven't decided, other friendly CC folks can give them some recommendations!</p>

<p>Working my little butt off to help pay for college! No time for fun :(</p>

<p>3 months left over here.</p>

<p>going to europe.</p>

<p>Acadec: Cool! Where in Europe? Are you doing the backpacking with friends thing or the touring with parents thing? Or something else...? :) </p>

<p>Kellie: You bring up the issue a lot of us are thinking about right now -- how to afford college tuition, or at least how to get a nice sum in the bank to pay for dorm stuff/clothes/pizza/etc. If anyone else is working this summer, where are you working, and how much are you hoping to make? Maybe people have some secrets for how to make enough spending money for freshman year over the summer...</p>

<p>Anyway, thought I might as well say that I'm going to be teaching for 9 weeks (actually, 2 weeks of that are prof development and wrap-up) through an awesome program called Breakthrough Collaborative (Welcome</a> to the Breakthrough Collaborative). Is anyone else doing this, or teaching at a similar CTY or TIP-type program?</p>

<p>Well I want to get an apartment and a job in florence for a month or so and then spent the rest of the summer relaxing in barbados... I've been procrastinating though so i still have to find a job (and an apartment for that matter)</p>

<p>almost 4 months for me.
1. working for 6 weeks in a med lab
2. going to china for a month
3. shopping spree for dorm necessities
4. NYC trip with friends who went to CMU Pre-College together with me
5. maybe... self-study multivar to place out</p>

<p>Oh goodness. I'm jealous of everyone having these grand adventures this summer. As far as working goes, I live about a half hour away from a VERY touristy beachy area with lots of job opportunities but it's very competitive. However, one of my best friend's moms just purchased a restaurant down there and it will be opening this summer. So I am pretty much guaranteed a job as a hostess. I am hoping to make at least $2000 dollars this summer, but that is a modest goal.</p>

<p>Also, graduation is exactly two months and one day from today for me. :) Yay!</p>

<p>Coaching gymnastics at the YMCA.
Going to the beach probably 2 days/week or more.
House parties/dance parties.
Cruise of Mexico/Gulf.
Week at Palm Springs.
Week at Laguna Beach.
Hanging out with the returned college friends.
Possibly campaigning for a congressman in Texas.
Buying all my winter clothes if I end up in Boston or New Jersey.
Relishing San Diego weather and friends before I give it and them away. :(</p>

<p>Working at Publix and as a camp counselor. Pretty excited about both!</p>