What are you packing?

<p>Hey everyone. As you know the year is coming up and it's time to shop up for college (well for freshmen like me anyways). I've tried looking for a list of things to bring for college but failed. So [besides for the essentials like toiletries and whatnot], I was wondering what you guys are packing that I or anyone might forget to pack. To those of you aren't upcoming freshman, please feel free to contribute by naming things that you might think are unnecessary! A lot of us tend to overpack crap due to parents being too worried about us leaving home. Thanks! Let's get a list going!</p>

<p>Here's college board's list:
Checklist</a> for college dorm - first year of college</p>

<p>get a brita water pitcher. it'll be the best investment you make</p>

<p>What</a> to Take to College</p>

<p>A brita water filter is not necessary, especially for a freshmen. In fact, my friend only uses his to filter vodka lol.</p>

<p>Some other unnecessary things are food/kitchen related things, like a freshman in Birnkrant doesn't need utensils, plate, bowl, can opener unless they're planning to eat in their room (which most people I know never did). If you want them, I'd recommend disposable dishes.</p>

<p>Something to get in advance is notebooks. Depending on classes and how many notes you take, one 5-subject notebook can be all you need for a semester. The bookstore is usually sold out of these and other school supplies before the end of the first day of classes.</p>

<p>Those lists were pretty good. This also has some tips: College</a> Packing List</p>

<p>I'll also recommend a water filter. Some nights, you just want to come home and have a nice clean source of water available. Otherwise you'll be spending a lot of money on bottled water.</p>

<p>Also, I kept milk, cereal, and bowls/plates in my freshman dorm room. I used them too.</p>

<p>Don't get a single 5-subject notebook. Get 5 separate notebooks. And then get a folder to go along with each. Take notes in the notebook, put papers in the folder. Bonus points if your notebooks and folders are color-coordinated.</p>

<p>If the bookstore is out, go to the dollar store in the UV, they always have lots of school supplies.</p>

<p>Also, bring a mini stapler that you can carry in your backpack and always have with you. So incredibly useful, for me at least.</p>

<p>Do the rooms come with a fridge and microwave? Orientation seemed to suggest so</p>

<p>^ I know radisson does cuz the housing head mentioned it at orientation</p>

<p>Hawkwings, why not the 5 subject notebook? I was thinking of it too. But my son ends up loosing a lot of stuff, so it may not be advisable anyways.</p>

<p>All rooms come with a minifridge and microwave. A single 5-subject notebook is going to get torn up beyond belief, plus the fact that if you misplace it, there goes absolutely everything. And what if one class requires a TON of notes and another has almost none?</p>

<p>In my experience, separate notebooks are the way to go.</p>

<p>Eh, I didn't even use any notebooks. I generally used my Macbook to type up notes (except for math classes of course); but at the same time, some professors don't allow laptops in their classrooms. </p>

<p>And I'd definitely invest in a water filter; I bought a ridiculous amount of water bottles first semester, and it's really a waste of money and plastic bottles. Drinking straight from the water fountain isn't too fun, either.</p>

<p>I'd also say (especially if you're a girl) to pack some extra costumes or fun, off-beat clothes - you don't really realize it until you get here, but lots of parties are themed, so it's nice to have maybe something neon or sparkly or some spandex to wear for that 80s party or whatnot. You might be invited to a fraternity/sorority invite, and you're going to need some semi-formal clothes for that, as well! If you're actually planning on being in a fraternity/sorority, then you will most definitely need nicer clothes to wear every week for Monday Night Dinners.</p>