What are you turning down to come to Duke?

<p>What are you turning down to come to Duke? or if you are turning down DUKE, what school are you going to?</p>

<p>How about yourself?</p>

<p>Wash U, Emory, and a LOT of money from UF. The money was tempting.</p>

<p>But really, it's Duke.</p>

<p>Money/honors programs from UNC, William and Mary, and George Washington.</p>

<p>stanford (10 char)</p>


<p>Harvard, Yale</p>

<p>Northwestern and UF</p>

<p>Cornell, UVA, lots of $ from RPI</p>

<p>Hopkins, WUSTL, U of Richmond, lafayette college, Emory, and Temple</p>

<p>Stern, Northwestern, Georgetown, UVA</p>

<p>UVa, Vanderbilt</p>

<p>berkeley, la, uchi, northwestern, dartmouth and georgetown</p>

<p>cal, ucla, northwestern</p>

<p>yay for duke! (:</p>

<p>anyone turning down Cornell? I am trying to decide between Duke and Cornell</p>

<p>UNC Honors, Georgetown, Michigan, Cornell, Northwestern</p>

<p>Most people who get into Duke or HYPSM choose the latter
Duke splits evenly with Columbia, Penn, Dartmouth and Brown
Most people who get into Duke or Cornell, NU, Georgetown, and JHU choose the former</p>

<p>It seems that this looks true.</p>

<p>Ask Byerly for the source, its mentioned somewhere</p>

<p>my friend is choosing duke over mit</p>

<p>Dartmouth, U Penn, Gerogetown, UNC, UVA, William and Mary,</p>

<p>UNC honors + 6k per year, Vanderbilt 5k per year, Emory and 1k per year and Washington in St. Louis</p>