What are your experiences at HS?

<p>I am thinking about attending HS and trying to walk on the lacrosse team. Could you guys exlain your experiences at the school? Also, will you provide any information that you think is helpful. </p>

<p>Let me know your responses. I am thinking of attending also I visited last fall, I was really impressed. Ialso visited a number of colleges in NY & Philly. HSC had a really good feel for me. I liked the fact that10% of the students are Eagle Scouts like myself. That says alot about the type of students they are looking for seeing that less than 3% of all scouts actually end up making it that far. I like the whole idea of the brotherhood that they talk about. Guys seem to be an after thought any more with all of the focus being on women. Plus I feel that a place with over 200 years of educating men that they most know what it takes to educate men in away coed colleges don't. Besides from what have heard, there are plenty of nice ladies visiting on the weekends. I am torn only because they don't have a crew team. If they had that, it would be a no brainer for me. For me it is between a rowing college in Philly or HSC. I'm really torn.........</p>

<p>I was just named one of five finalists for the Davis Fellowship Program so I will be visiting in a couple weeks. </p>