What are your favorite Home Remedies?

So yesterday was a good and bad day. I spent a lot of time at the nearby nature park. Went horseback riding with friends and just, in general, had a great time. Bad news… I got a decent-sized splinter :cry: . I have been trying to get it out and came upon this as an idea for a thread.

So to post, just list what it treats and then what ingredients you use to fix it like:

Issue: Splinter
Solution: Ichthammol Drawing Salve


Issue: Canker Sore
Solution: Honey and crushed vitamin C pill

This way, we can learn some remedies for future ailments. Thanks!!

When feeling down, hugging the nearest dog that doesn’t bite.


Glad you made sure to add the last part. Definitely don’t want to be hugging dogs that bite… :joy:

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Gargling with hot salt water and taking zinc supplements (50mg 2x/day) at the slightest indication of a scratchy or sore throat has prevented my kid from getting sick his entire four years at boarding school.

Not exactly scientific but no else in the family that follows the same protocol has been sick in over 10 years. However, less vigilant family members have had multiple illnesses.


Cold Showers and putting ice on my face anytime I get a hint of acne. Works like a charm.

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Mosquito bite - water hot enough to sting, but not to burn. Gets rid of itching for a few hours.

Canker sore - alum. It works pretty well for me.

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Cough: honey with a little lemon, works better than any cough medicine I’ve ever used. As a swimming family, we always keep alcohol/white vinegar (1:1) mix on hand to prevent swimmer’s ear.

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Chicken soup or chicken broth for sore throat or symptoms of cold or flu. This stuff is like a miracle drug. Very thankful that it does not require a prescription.