What are your high school students summer plans?

<p>What are high school students you know of during this summer? Also, what grade are they entering?</p>

<p>I'm a sophomore/rising junior.</p>

<li>Laboratory Research</li>
<li>SAT studying</li>
<li>Working on DuPont Essay or Scholastic Art and Writing piece</li>

<p>Does it look good? Regarding the last part, I really want to enter these contests, and I thought the summer would be a good time to get a decent head start on them. Does anyone know about the DuPont contest?</p>

<p>My son is also a high school sophomore/rising junior. He is studying for the June ACT and performing in two community theatre musicals.</p>

<p>Any more plans???</p>

<p>my son's plan....SLEEP and not really accomplish much</p>

<p>my plan for him is to work around the house LOL</p>

<p>Rising junior S will compete for Arizona in the National Forensics League national tournament in Kansas City for a week. Then there will be SAT prep, preparing next year's oratory piece and spending a couple of weeks at Debate and Student Congress camp. </p>

<p>In between, I am sure he will work in a few movies and video games. The past two summers we have gone to Guatemala for language school, but this year there is just not enough time. I think he does better when not over-programmed.</p>

<p>Working, working, working. He wants to make $5K this summer to put towards school costs. He'll have to get some private lessons to make that goal.</p>

<p>S, Jr is working, yay- first real job besides referee-ing. Then going for a month long summer college- 6 credits. Then back to work for a month.</p>

<p>My HS senior S is working as a lifeguard at a town pool. Keeps him busy and out of trouble. ;-)</p>

<p>S got an internship with the county's health department.</p>