what are your (nonacademic?) high school goals?

<p>Just wondering. Like just-for-fun goals. Nothing like, get into Harvard :P</p>

<p>Me, by the end of senior year, I want to :</p>

<li>Write and finish a book. Like a book book. Haha I dunno about what yet.</li>
<li>Do the splits. I’m soo (un? in?)flexible!</li>
<li>Touch the rim of basketball hoop/dunk. (I’m 5’4 :frowning: but maybe! haha doubt i’ll ever be able to dunk. being short sucks sometimes)</li>
<li>Learn how to juggle! I have such bad hand eye coordination.</li>
<li>Go sub-six in the mile. My current mile’s like 7 minutes. But I plan to run a lot during the summer. Yes, I know my mile is slow. </li>

<p>Yeah, I think that’s it for me so far.</p>

<li>Get as much sleep as possible.</li>

<p>..that's it.</p>

<p>haha, sleep is essential.</p>

<li>Sub-six mile...fabulous idea. I'm currently aiming for 7:00 and going down from there...obviously not a track person speaking.</li>
<li>Learn how to fly a plane, just because that would be kickass.</li>
<li>Finish five more of Alexandre Dumas's books. It's non-academic, I swear, we aren't reading them in class.</li>
<li>Get through the next 2.5 years WITHOUT crashing my car.</li>
<li>Beat Halo 2 on legendary :P</li>
<li>Learn how to fence</li>
<li>Learn how to code</li>
<li>Find other smart people on the school and get myself acquainted with them. For, you know, conversational purposes, or something.</li>

<p>(Psssh sleep when you're dead.)</p>

<p>oh i love Dumas! I've only read the Count of Monte Cristo, Three Musketeers and the Man in the Iron Mask though. Hmmm...how many Three Musketeer books has he written? I think man in the iron mask comes a lot later in the series...i should read them in order, huh.</p>

<p>pshh sleep is for losers :)</p>

<p>100th post! woot :)</p>

<p>^ Congrats.</p>

<li> Sleep. I've already given up too much of that this year.</li>
<li> Meet new people this summer - that includes CCers! =)</li>
<li> Get out more often. The last movie I watched in the theaters was Memoirs of a Geisha.</li>
<li> Read more books, magazines, newspapers... whatever I can get.</li>
<li> Visit my backyard. Seriously. I haven't gone back there since last summer.</li>

<p>Win the state lottery and drop out of highschool right before graduation! or if that doesn't work out.</p>

<p>I just want to finish reading the books I started so I can start some new ones.</p>

<p>2:04 in the half mile.</p>

<p>Visit six continents.
Travel to all 50 states.
Read Le Petit Prince and understand it.</p>

<p>Those are just 3 in a billion of my goals.</p>

<p>Win more writing contests.
Get my first job.
Make a capella next year, canta nova this year.
Stay involved in musical theatre.
Live through college applications.</p>

<p>aww kissmekate--le petit prince is adorable. and philosophical. :)</p>


<p>get a job
learn to drive and get my license
definately sleep more
and earn enough money someday to buy a huge RV and follow NASCAR to watch all 38 races in a season.</p>

<p>I want to have more than 500 hours of community service. I want to finish reading One Hundred Years of Solitude and The Brothers Karamazov.</p>

<p>-get laid
-not get in a car accident
-do as little as possible around the house so the 'rents dont throw a fit
-oh, and work on my behind-the-back shot for my first college season next year</p>

<p>Nothing, as I graduate in less than two weeks.</p>

<p>Spanish: Read "Cien a</p>

<p>I started reading One Hundred Years of Solitude, but I haven't had time to finish reading it, because I've been so busy.</p>

<li>I've got a book I'm working on and I really want to finish it, even though if it gets published it'll probably go in the crap YA section.</li>
<li>Rescue my friend from her psychopathic mother.</li>
<li>Not burn my Udon noodle soup.</li>
<li>Reach my goal weight of 95 pounds.</li>

<li>Get a real boyfriend...preferably that guy I like right now.</li>
<li>Go to some bangers and totally defy my parents. I'm too scared I'll get caught by them...and they're strict as hell.</li>
<li>Gain more leadership positions.</li>
<li>Get an internship this summer.</li>
<li>Get a part-time job after I turn 16.</li>
<li>Get my license as soon as possible.</li>

<li>Read more(non-school related stuff)</li>
<li>Lose 15ish pounds.</li>
<li>Do more things that make ME happy.</li>
<li>Save as much money as possible.</li>
<li>Get over my stage fright.</li>
<li>Enjoy life more.</li>