What are your prospects after transferring?

<p>Let's try to keep our mind off of waiting for the admissions to come in. I got a great topic! What are your aspirations after transferring to a UC institution?</p>

<p>I plan on having my GPA being reset so I can maintain a 4.0 (Don’t try and get my hopes up! I can do it!). I then plan on taking the LSAT to attend law school. Being that logical reasoning is my forte, I plan on being at least in the 99%. I then will attend a top 5 legal institution. After being profusely successful with my endeavors of law, I will practice law at a large firm. After that I will either settle down and teach at a law school or run for congress. Be sure and vote for me in 2024 for president!</p>

<p>Sure why not...</p>

<p>De Anza/Foothill --> UCLA --> Econ / Busecon with honors --> LSAT / GRE --> decide whether I want to do 4 more years at a JD/MBA program or just 2 doing an MBA--> 4 years military--> businessman--> make tons of money-->use 80% of it for philanthropic ventures (education mainly)--> use the remaining 20% to hand build a few custom cars. </p>

<p>Maybe teach at a high school or a community college.</p>

<p>I've been anxiously waiting for admission decisions since March 1st, and I'm totally stressed out. I actually talked to the UC Davis representative in person at my community college, and he said it's going to be a few more weeks for transfers. So I'm going to stop worrying about nothing until the time comes...</p>

<p>And I just found out about the GPA being reset thing today! I think it's a great way to "start anew", so yes, I'm striving for that 4.0 too. If not 4.0, at least something higher than 3.5, haha.</p>

<p>After I graduate, I want to attend Optometry school, and we'll see where that goes. Good luck on your dream of going to law school, practicing at a large firm, running for Congress and being our next president! Hahah :)</p>

<p>I have a philanthropic competitor! I was going to try and top Oprah. I've always wanted to donate to help improve the education system. Maybe start a scholarship fund or work with the DOE.</p>

<p>Wow! 4 years of military? After all that hard work you want to wait another 4 years? I got another 5 years till I will take the Bar exam. I will want to practice law right afterwards. I don't think I could wait. I've already given up so much of my life to get a law degree, I couldn't wait.</p>


<p>Thanks! Remember, a vote for me is a vote for honesty and integrity!</p>

<p>I was excited about the GPA resetting thing too. I had a lot of personal things going on the first couple semesters. I'm glad I can use my current drive to its full extent without having those couple semesters bring me down.</p>

<p>president in 16 years? lol id put more money on ron paul</p>

<p>Have fun pushing that honesty and integrity theme with a trial lawyer background.</p>

<p>After I get my Psychology BA from UCLA (here's to hoping!), I will go into the video games entertainment industry, either working for a TV show (G4TV) or marketing (EA/Activision)</p>


<p>I'd graduate with honors, then go and volunteer in a distant country for a year while I try to decide what I want to do with my life. Either PhD (Masters, etc) or JD (law school). Then I'll get a job in the international world, trying to fix poverty in the US or other small countries. Then I'd retire and write really bad mystery novels while I watch my bitter husband fire a high powered hose at little children that walk on our lawn.</p>

<p>yeah, that's the life.</p>

<p>El Camino College ---> UC Berkeley ----> DAT(maintain at least 3.3)----> US Dental School(Hopefully UCSF)--->DDS---->May be residency(specialization)----> amazing life!!!!!</p>

<p>why a dentist torrance!!</p>

<h1>1 profession for suicide rates!</h1>


<p>Can't you tell he's already on the edge? He ends every sentence with 3 ellipses--it could be any second.</p>

<p>Haha it's just a rumor... it's a great profession because flexible hours and great $$$$</p>

I, personally, believe that social and political culture will change dramatically over the next 10 years. As our society becomes more digitalized, everyone wants someone who can withstand the movement of technology and daily life. Many of these older politicians, I feel, are holding our nation back from proper progress. It shouldn't be long before this is more apparent. Just take a look at Kennedy and Obama. He was the epitome of the digital age taking effect. Now Obama is taking rave reviews because of his age. Someone who is new and fresh.</p>

<p>Also, I support Ron Paul :P For him, he is too brilliant to have his age affect my decision.</p>


<p>It can be done :)</p>

<p>you seriously over estimate the intelligence of the american public. </p>

<p>remember this is the country where they reelected bush. this is the country where what paris hilton does is more important than a dollar that is ****ing away its value, where steroids take up more news times than corporate theft disguised as a war. </p>

<p>sorry to tell you this but i think you're being a bit naive</p>

<p>Please don't thread hijack!</p>


<p>You know, I think as the population has been growing, there has been a unique trend. I think more people are buying into that mass media sensationalism. In contrast, I think more people are offsetting this trend by becoming politically aware. Its hard to see the political growth when all they talk about on the boob-tube is this sensational garbage. I don't think we should underestimate the growing politically aware people. Just take a look at how fast these political entertainment shows have become. The Colbert Report, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Real Time With Bill Maher viewers have been growing substantially and have been shown to be some of the most intelligent people. I know it sounds hopeful. Only time will tell.</p>

<p>I am going to have to agree with hotel on this one.</p>

<p>Never underestimate the power of ignorance or stagnation.</p>

<p>Political awareness is cyclical; when one party is in control of government for a particular period of time, corruption and self-interest without fail follows; this then creates a backlash against said party, thereby lending support to the opposition. But, when the opposition gains power, the process continues. </p>

<p>The political awareness you speak of can be seen in each swing of the political pendulum so to speak --when there is a transfer of power in Washington, the American consciousness has a tendency to momentarily awaken to observe the change in political continuity. Though, after this transfer, the American public largely loses interest and remains more susceptible to the status-quo mentality (which is quintessentially devoid of dialectic reason).</p>


<p>I completely agree with you. I think historically, for Americans, this is true. If you were to travel to Europe, the political life is completely different. They are much more politically "aware". I am, more-or-less, referring to a social growth. This social and political growth that is seen in Europe, I believe, is beginning to hit America. I don't think this upcoming election will be evident of it. I do think that the tide is coming though.</p>

<p>Our fundamental differences reside in that thought. Is our country becoming like Europe in the political sense? Only time will tell.</p>