What are your recommendations for improving my score?

<p>Hi, I'm currently a freshman (I'm asian though, which pretty much justifies my reason for making this thread). I average between 1850 and 1920 on my practice tests, but I have yet to take the real thing. I'm doing reasonably well in math and cr (640 each) but not that well in writing (like 590)</p>

<p>What do you recommend for getting that last 160ish points on math and cr? I've heard greuber's is pretty good for math.</p>

<p>And, for the writing, I've noticed I miss the most in the sentence error section, what are some books that cover that part of the test and what are some books that cover the writing section in general well?</p>

<p>For writing, the blue book works. It's all just a matter of sitting down, learning the errors, and training your brain to look for the errors.</p>

<p>You're currently a freshman, so lol kind of early.
But to the serious business, if you're having difficulties on the writing section, I suggest picking up a grammar book (I suggest "A Grammar Book for you and I, opps, me!") and reading it since you're missing most in the sentence error sections. You have plenty of time to do this, and a strong background in grammar is essential if you're aiming at 700-800 range. No shortcut if you have a deficit in grammar.</p>

<p>For cr, just read magazines and books and take practice test (do the last one less frequently than the first two). CR is something that is improved over time, and you have plenty of time.</p>